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How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV : Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are rolling over the web. The next member of Galaxy Note family is getting waited desperately by fans. All thanks to huge popularity Galaxy Note 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an incredible device with top-notch features. From all features, the display quality has been getting admired by its users. If you also own Samsung Galaxy Note 2, then you must be in love with its display quality which is perfect for gaming freaks and movie lovers. Do you know that this incredible device also boasts the feature of mirroring the its display to TV? Yeah, you can view the content being displayed on your Galaxy Note 2 on your TV screen. Of course, for this to happen, you must be familiar with the process to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV.

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Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV, How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV

All those out of you who want to connect their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV, proceed ahead and read the step by step guide given below.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV

Connect with HDTV : Method 1

    • The very first thing that you need to do is to lighten your pocket to buy HDMI adapter. Many HDMI adapters are available in the market, but none works as good as the one manufactured by Samsung does. So, only purchase the Samsung labeled HDMI adapter. You can but it from here
    • Just plug this HDMI adapter to the USB port of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


  • Once you are done with it, just use the standard HDMI cable and connect it to the adapter. The other free end of this cable should be connected to HDTV. So, just do it to proceed ahead.
  • Connect the Power Cable to the adapter. Oh! Don’t ask me about where to get Power Cable? This is what you are supplied with your Galaxy Note 2. Anyway, after connecting the power cable  to adapter, just plug it into the power source.
  • That’s it! The content on your Galaxy Note 2 will be displayed on your TV, along with the audio of course.

Method 2 : 

There are also other way which helps you to connect your phone to tv. For this there is requirement of MHL to HDMI Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is available at just 15 bucks from Amazon. After purchasing it just follow steps as shown in video .

Connect to Analog TV : 

For Analog TV connection along with HDMI Adapter and Standard HDMI cable (link for purchase available in first method) you need is HDMI to AV / Composite converter. Converter in will get HDMI Cable out and converter out will get AV Cable .

Connect Galaxy Note 2 to TV wireless

Samsung Smart TVYou can also connect your device wireless to your TV for that your need to purchase Samsung Allshare HUB if your HDTV is not Samsung Smart TV. Then after connect that HUB to HDTV using HDMI cable .

Noe open up Setting > Connections > Screen Mirroring Option and it’s done now watch videos , play songs and do your work on HD screen.

So, this is how to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to TV. Want any assistance? We are here to help. Use the comment box to reach us.