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How to connect PSP to TV

Are you one out of those many who are proud owners of Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)? If yes is your call, then let me know your views about connecting your PSP to TV? Would you like to do that? The answer expected for most out of you is ‘Yes’. You can easily connect PSP to TV, and then can enjoy that everything on the big screen of your PC, that you enjoy on your PSP. Even you guys can watch all TV Shows and movies from Amazon Prime. Amazon offering Amazon Prime for free 30 days trial, so click subscribe for it today itself. Now all you need to do is to follow this step-by-step guide on how to connect PSP to TV.

Connect PSP to TV, how to connect psp to tv

Steps to Connect PSP to TV

– First of all, determine the version of your PSP. For this, you need to look at  seven digits of the model number. This model number lies at the bottom of your PSP. PSP-1001, PSP-2001, PSP-3001 and PSPgo are four versions of the PSP. Those out of you who own PSPgo, should not worry about the version.

– The next step you need to do is to get the correct AV cables for your PSP’s version. Total of four type of AV cables- two are component AV cables and rest two are composite AV cables- are available. Each of these four types support gaming. But note that two component AV cables can perform this task only on progressive scan TVs and SCPH-98548 composite AV cable will let you enjoy the gaming only when connected to PSP-3001.

– So, got the right AV cable to connect PSP to TV? Now connect this cable to Multi-Use port or the Video Out. This port lies at the bottom of the PSP.

– Connect the AV cable to the TV. Make sure that any particular end of AV cable that you connect with the particular AV port of TV, are of same colors.

– First turn on TV, and then your PSP. Keep the Display button on your PSP, pressed for about 5 seconds. The display of PSP will get mirrored on TV screen.

That’s all! You are successfully done with the process to connect PSP to TV. Enjoy the new experience.