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How to Connect Macbook Pro to TV

Got the esteemed MacBook Pro in your hands, and are completely in love with it? This is not any point of surprise, as the features of MacBook Pro damn good that any person using it will join its fan base immediately. Do you that you can connect your MacBook Pro to TV? Yeah, this is possible. You can easily mirror the MacBook Pro display on a big screen. Are you curious to know about how to do it? Follow these steps to connect MacBook Pro to TV. Connect Macbook Pro to TV , How to Connect Macbook Pro to TV

Connect Macbook Pro to TV

  • In case you are using the VGA Adapter or having analog CRT tv, then you will have to convert USB to TV Video. This can be done by using mini displayport to composite adapter.
  • Enough shopping!! Now look at the left side of your MacBook Pro. You will see Mini Display Port. It lies next to ExpressCard slot. Attach the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI  or Mini DisplayPort to VGA to this port.
  • Those who are using the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI , simply move to the very last step. Those who are using Mini DisplayPort to VGA, go through all the below given steps.
  • For Analog CRT TV as mentioned you suppose to have mini displayport to composite adapter and follow steps shown up in video below.
  • Turn on your TV. Press the A/V button. Turn on your MacBook Pro. Its display will mirror on your TV.

How to mirror Mac Pro wireless to Apple TV using Airplay

Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad Along with Mac pro also having or thinking to buy Apple TV then no need to bother about wires you can mirror wireless using Airplay. Check out below video and follow steps shown up in video.

That’s all! This is how one can connect MacBook Pro to TV. Enjoy the videos, movies , TV Shows and play games on big screen. Let me introduce Amazon Prime free 30 days trial on which you guys will get more then 40,000 movies and tv shows collection .

Now a days in market lot many devices such as Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick and many more easycast devices which suffice your requirement to connect your macbook pro wireless.