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How to connect HTC One to TV

HTC One is one of the best smartphones that HTC has ever brought in the market. The device comes with many impressive features, and out of all, one is of allowing you to connect it to TV. Connecting this popular device to TV is pretty simple task. This article provides you the step-by-step procedure about how to connect your HTC One to TV.

If you don’t know what it means by connecting HTC One to TV, then let me tell you that by doing so, you can have all content of HTC One directly on your TV that mean you can watch movies, tv shows, videos and play games . You can mirror everything of your One’s screen on your TV. This feature is like a boon for all those who don’t like to watch movies on small screen of smartphone.

How to Connect HTC One to TV : Methods

Standard Method suggested by HTC :  In order to connect HTC One to TV, you need to have Media Link HD (MHL) adapter. This is what let us connect our esteemed device to TV. Unfortunately, it does not come with HTC One. You need to buy it separately. Well, spending money on it should not be a big deal for you. Come on, screen mirroring will make your life fun.

Now along with Media link HTC provides HDMI cable , power cable and power adapter. So connect one end of HDMI Cable to TV and another end to HTC Media link.

To power it up you suppose to connect power cable to media link and LED on device glows up.

Connect HTC One to TV

Then select HDMI as source on TV and you can see HTC Media Link page on your TV and now just swipe three fingers on your HTC One screen upper side as show up in image.

And it’s done now you can watch videos to your TV from your phone and along with that you guys also can access your phone for other use without disturbing your video. Now to stop just swipe three fingers to down side.

Wired and cheap solution but not standard : As known this wired method which here you guys checking out is not standard but as it’s cheap so you might go for it.

To connect your HTC one to TV wired then you have to buy SKIVA MediaFlow HD-X2 . And connect HDMI end to TV HDMI port , micro HDMI end to mobile HDMI port and to charge mobile continuously USB end to mobile charger.

And then select HDTV source on your TV and it’s done your mobile got mirrored on your HDTV.

Another cheap way is also there to do the same. For that you suppose to purchase Galaxy S2 Adapter for HDTV . Let me warn you don’t go for Galaxy S3 or other adapter rather then this. And one standard HDMI cable.

Then connect on one HDMI end to TV and other end to adapter. Now connect power cable to adapter so that your phone goes on charging mode continuously. Then on TV select source ad HDMI and it’s done your phone got mirrored on your TV.

Connect HTC One to Analog TV : If you don’t owe HDMI TV and like to connect your phone to Analog TV then along with cables mentioned in cheap method you suppose to buy HDMI to AV Converter to convert HDMI signal to AV signal.

DLNA supported TV / Device method : Let me know that HTC One is DLNA supported so if you do have DLNA supported TV or device (check list) at home then now need to purchase any thing.

Connect your DLNA supported TV / Device to wi-fi network and connect your HTC one on same wi-fi network.

Now just swipe three fingers upper side as show in first image and select screen on which you like to cast your mobile screen.

Connect HTC One to TV wireless using Chromecast : Now let me give you another way to do the same. For that you guys must to have Google Chromecast . Now connect one end of micro HDMI cable comes in box to Chromecast and another USB end to your TV or wall charger to charge device continuously.

After then just install Chromecast application on your HTC One and follow set up instruction.

And once you done set up then it’s done now go to Chromecast App >> Menu >> Cast Screen. And it’s over your phone got mirrored on TV , now cast whatever you like to cast on screen like movies , tv shows , play games or anything.

Amazon lovers here is another way using which you guys can connect your HTC One to TV and for that you suppose to have Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV stick . To mirror your device using FIre TV / Fire TV stick you must to have Reflector or AirReciver application on your phone.

Till having any confusion then just give a comment in blow box and get help from our team.