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How to Connect iPad to TV ?

Streaming and playing media files such as movies, photos on the iPad is hell lot of fun. All thanks to high quality display that iPad line-up boasts. What about mirroring your iPad to TV? Isn’t it something quite interesting and useful? Those who think so must be curious to know the way about how to do it, right? Here the ways by which you can connect iPad to TV.

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How to Connect iPad to TV thourgh HDMI

You can connect the new iPad to TV with the help of digital AV Adapter using HDMI cable. Digital TV Adapter is product of Apple and you can buy it from online Amazon Store or Apple Store . You can mirror all the content being getting displayed on your iPad to the TV. You can mirror maximum of 720p video quality to TV, which is quite good.

Connect Apple iPad to TV using component cables

Don’t like the above method, or you are not eligible for that because of not support of HDMI by your TV? Don’t panic! Component cables are there to help you. The component cables let you watch the videos via apps like YouTube and Netflix, or in short, these cables let you watch the videos via apps that support the video out feature. You can buy component cable from Amazon.

The composite cables are also meant for the purpose mirroring the iPad to TV, but these are focus to work with old TVs only. So if you have old TV, then you should invest your money on a composite cable. You can buy composite cable from Apple Store or from Amazon.

Connect iPad to Apple TV

If you want to connect iPad to Apple TV (Airplay) , then the task is simplest for you. You need to work with any cables. All you need to do is to connect your iPad and Apple TV to same WiFi connection. After doing so, just click on ‘AirPlay’ symbol shown below and then select ‘Apple TV’ from the list that pops up. The content being displayed on your iPad will start getting mirrored on Apple TV.

Airplay Mirroring icon, Airplay symbol

After following this process you have connected your iPad to HDTV successfully, Now enjoy movies, tv shows and play games on TV Screen instead of iPad. If you are movie and tv shows lover then grab more then 40,000 movies and tv shows collection by subscribing for Amazon Prime free 30 days trial.