How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV ?

After all checking great review about Samsung Galaxy S4 you purchased it and if not then take a look at Amazon for cheapest price . Anyways let me focus on for what you guys are here ! Now confused on how to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV / HDTV ? Don’t worry my friends here we guys are to help you guys . There are two ways to connect Galaxy S4 to TV one is using wired connection and other is using wireless and watch movies , tv shows and play games on HDTV. If you guys love to watch more movies and tv shows then just got subscribe for Amazon Prime because it contains more that 40,000 movies and tv shows collection, so be quick and get Amazon Prime 30 days free trial.  Now here we provide both procedure with step by step guide .

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Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV

Connect Galaxy S4 to TV using wired connection

Connect s4 to HDTV : 

– First you must to have MHL 2.0 HDTV Smart Adapter by Samsung or Cable Matters MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter cheap replica. Take a note that all MHL adapted not going to work for all Samsung devices , newer devices available market have 11 pin adapter so choose it wisely .

– Connect adapter one side to phone and other side to power source .

– After doing that connect adapter to your TV HDMI port using standard HDMI cable .

And it’s done ! Watch movies and videos from Netflix , Youtube , Hulu and anything stored on your phone .

Connect Galaxy S4 to Analog TV : 

Now if you do have Analog TV then need to buy HDMI to composite adapter which allows compatibility between your Galaxy S4 and Television .

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV wireless ?

Now if you want to connect phone to tv without wires then follow steps given below :

Using Samsung Homesync : Samsung introduce new Homesync which helps to sync your photos , videos and all mobile data to store on cloud along with that you can use your phone as remote control and also mirror it to tv. For that you supposed to purchase that Samsung Homesync and just need to connect that with your HDTV using Standard HDMI Cable.

Turn Homesunc on and enable NFC feature. And just follow steps shown up on your mobile screen. And if you want detailed information on connecting galaxy s4 to tv using homesync then click here and scroll down, you will have full detailed procedure.

Using Samsung Allshare Hub : 

Samsung Smart TV – Get Samsung Allshare Hub and connect it with your TV HDMI port using HDMI cable and if do you have Samsung Smart TV then no need to purchase Allshare Hub . And ensure that your phone and Hub or TV are connected to same wireless network .

– Now Open Settings > Connections > Screen Mirroring Option 

Along with all of above methods there are many other all time devices which will helps you to mirror your Galaxy S4 to tv and those devices are Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and other casting devices. For these methods you suppose to visit this page.

And you have done it ! It’s all about to connect your brand news S4 with TV . If you do have any query regarding this process or want to ask any questions give a comment in box avail below and get response from our side .

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28 thoughts on “How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV ?

  1. Dennis

    I bought a hdmi cord and a mhl adapter from radio shack and my galaxy s4 is not recognizing my Westinghouse tv…….please help

    1. admin Post author

      Hope that you bought same MHL adapter as mentioned in Post. Because I tried this method and it works like charm . But not having that Westinghouse TV so can,t say about it.

  2. knaik

    I have Samsung galaxy s4 and I have Samsung smart TV. Both my phone and TV are connected to same WIFI connection. when I open the screen mirroring on my phone, it cannot detect any device(my TV). What am I missing?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Knaik,

      You are not missing anything and also following correct way. Hope it suppose to show up but don’t know why it’s not got mirrored.

  3. Kathleen Turner

    Please tell me what to purchase to hook up my samsung galaxy s4 to my tv so I can buy this & see the movies on my phone to my samsung tv

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Kathleen Turner,

      It depends upon you that which way you would like to connect your S4 using TV. In this article we mentioned both of those way along with required cables and devices you need to do the same.

  4. Carla Nel

    Is it possible to connect my samsung galaxy s4 with my tv using a WD HD Media Player. I have tried everything, but it does not pick up my device although my device give me a note confirming that it is connected to a media player. Please help anybody.

  5. Debbie

    Hi, I want to connect my s4 to analogue TV. I have ordered the mhl lead but the link you have to Amazon for the analogue tv convertor is a product no longer in stock. Any chance you can advise another item on Amazon please. I am not confident enough to chose one myself for fear of ordering the wrong part. Thanks a million

    1. admin Post author

      Yeah agree with you because if you purchase wrong adapter then it’s not of use. But let me know that click on link just beside to product image and choose seller having high rating.

  6. Keisha

    Hi I have the samsung hdmi hgtv connector but e
    When it is hooked up to my phone and tv it says hdmi connected the disconnected the connected and it keeps doing this over and over again what could be wrong please.

    1. admin Post author

      So as per explanation I can understand that might be HDMI port of cable seems loose and nothing wrong in it just buy new one and it’s done.

  7. jesus

    I’ve been trying to get my s4 to link to my Samsung smart tv with no success. It has connect to other people tvs with no problem to watch YouTube video s and Netflix. But on mine it just wont. Help!

    1. admin Post author

      Then I don’t have any solution regarding it because it’s working other people tvs but not working on yours.

  8. Marc


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Samsung smart 3d led tv and when ever i try screen mirror it just disconects and the tv goes to the previous source.

    Its odd because it used to work like a charm and now nada :((

    Plz help

  9. Lana

    It would be great to read about all the typical problems users trying to connect their S4 encounter and the possible solutions. The method seems pretty easy but it i getting past the issues that difficult.


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