How to connect MAC to TV

Connect Mac to TV : Do you love playing videos or other content on your Mac ? Now would you like to mirror the content of your Mac’s display on the TV , for watching movies , TV Shows , play Games , listen music on big screen ? Yeah, this is possible and quite easy as well. If you want to connect Mac to TV, then check out the guide ahead by selecting your device from listed below .

How to connect MAC to TV

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So just click on mac device which you owe and would like to connect it to TV. And just follow steps you will get information regarding port and adaptor you require to connect your mac device to television.

Now connect one end of adaptor in your Mac device and other end to TV.

Then press input or source from your remote of TV which switch your TV mode to HDMI mode.

And it’s done your TV screen now shows up Mac device screen so just do whatever you would like to do in big screen.

Anyone who also want volume along with big screen they suppose to go System Preference >> Sound for latest TV models. In Sound menu there is list and you have to select “Output” and you will get “HDMI” over there then select your TV name. But who owe’s early models of TV they suppose to buy separate audio cable which been mentioned on page of your device.


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  1. Summer

    Thank you for posting this.
    I need to know if this process is only mirror imaging, like with Chromecast stick, OR, does this method actually turn the tv into a monitor and the MacBook air into like a cpu?


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