Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to TV

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is device between Samsung Galaxy phones and tablet. Many bought it and some are thinking to buy it. If you are one of them who want to buy Note 8 then visit amazon store by clicking on link to buy it at cheap rate. Anyways let me come to the point, after buying it you might be thinking that how to to connect device to tv. Take a look at below steps along with video which helps you to do the same.

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How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to TV

To do it you must to have some components which are mentioned below :

Connect to HDTV : 

Now you have these all required cables and instruments then follow steps given below :

  1. First of all connect 5 to 11 pin MHL adapter to your Note 8 .
  2. Now connect 11 Pin connector of MHL EPL 3FHU Adapter to 11 Pin adapter.
  3. After doing that now connect your power cable with 3FHU adapter micro usb pin.
  4. And final step is to connect adapter and tv using standard hdmi cable.

Connect to Analog TV : 

And it’s done your device get connected to HD TV . Now if you want to connect it to your Analog tv then you need to buy HDMI composite adapter . In this steps one single step is new and remaining are same as used in this post of connect galaxy s3 to tv , so check out video tutorial.


Connect HDTV cheap method : 

There is other method which not used by me so I can’t say about trustworthiness, but let me know you that it’s very cheap. For it you need 5 to 11 pin MHL adapter along with HDMI MHL HDTV Cable .

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to TV wireless ?

If you are get tired of wires in your room and want solution for those wires then you must to use this way. For this way you must to purchase Samsung Allshare Hub and it’s done . Now connect that HUB to your TV using HDMI cable.

Samsung Smart TVAnd if you do have Samsung Smart TV then again process seems to simple and even no need to purchase that Allshare hub to.

After you connect your phone with your TV you guys can enjoy TV Shows , Movies and play games on huge screen. And if you subscribe for Amazon Prime then you will have more then 40,000 movies and TV Shows , let me know that it’s available for Amazon Prime free 30 days trial .

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