How to connect laptop to tv

Ever felt the need to connecting your laptop to TV, and wondered whether it is possible or not? Sure this is possible. In fact, you can connect laptop to TV by not only one or two ways, but many. From those many ways you need to choose right cable to connect it in right way, so check out all connection which you guys will find , with highest to lower picture quality. Let me know it doesn’t matter which company laptop you have, you just need is right cable which helps you to connect your laptop to your TV.

Connect laptop to tv, how to Connect laptop to tv

Select cable to connect your laptop to TV

HDMI : If you are looking for top-notch quality in mirroring your laptop on TV, then this is the cable that you required which is available to shop on Amazon store at affordable price rate. If your laptop does not have HDMI port, then this method will not work. Don’t panic! You can use DVI to HDMI cable to make this method work for you.

Mini Display port to HDMI Adapter : Some of laptop company provided mini display port, so for those type of laptop you guys need is Mini Display to HDMI Adapter along with HDMI Cable . Then just plug HDMI cable one end to Adapter and another at HDTV. And it’s done you will get 1080p resolution. Firstly it’s required for Apple laptops but as time goes may other laptops company included in various new PC laptops.

DVI : DVI or Digital Visual Interface gives far better quality than S-Video and VGA . DVI connection is required on your laptop and your TV must be HDTV because standard-definition TV won’t support DVI connection. And to do same you required is DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable or DVI male to male cable if your HDTV do have DVI port .

One more thing for sound you need is separate audio cable and then connect it to headphone output to red and white input of your TV.

VGA : Those out of you who own HDTV should proceed with this method to enjoy better quality S-Video. Regular TVs do not come with VGA Port. So, this method is limited to people who own HDTV. To make it work you guys need to buy is VGA Cable. Same as DVI this method also not carry sound signal, so if you want sound then get audio cable and connect it to headphone output to red and white input of TV.

S-Video : The reason why I am listing here at first is that S-Video port is available on almost every TV and laptop. All you need to do is to use S-Video cable to connect your laptop to TV. Same as DVI and VGA for sound Audio cable is required.

This method is not for HD video signals , so want to watch HD signals then must go for HDMI or DVI cables methodology listed above.

Now you have done whole procedure and after doing it you guys can watch everything on your TV such as movies , TV Shows , play games and do many more things. Let me inform you guys that Amazon now a days offering Amazon Prime 30 days trial for free , so subscribe now to have more then 40,000 movies and TV Shows.

So it was how you can connect laptop to TV. Choose the way that suits you the most. Well, I don’t think there is anything that could put you into the clouds of complexity. Still, if you need any assistance in connecting laptop to TV, then use the comment box below.

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  1. tai

    have a dell laptop inspiron and all I see is a VGA port on back.(of course Dell has been going the way of the Dinosaur, for a while now) and I want to connect it to a Sanyo 50 HDTV. It has 3 HDMI. So I order an Adapter and a 10′ VGA/audio cable. Nothing happens.
    So now I read that I need a converter box and some HDMI cable. Not only that but the picture may not fit after ordering the extra stuff unless the converter box is “scalable” , to stretch the picture to fit on the HDTV screen. So, I need a VGA to HDMI Converter box(not an HDMI to VGA) and does that scaler feature knock a $20 converter box out of contention? I’d like to do this so that I don’t have download Korean dramas and record to DVD just watch. Korean Dramas are much better than American TV, it is worth doing to get the family to sit an watch, but now I see we could watch w/out d/l and subbing and all. I would like to do this for a bit less than taking them out to McDonalds. Any ideas or products to put this together would be appreciated.


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