How to connect iPhone 6 to TV

Got iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus and researching regarding how to mirror it with your TV. Then let me know you it’s very easy to do same and watch out videos, movies and stored photos on mobile. Even using this connectivity tactic you can play games on HD screen.

You guys might have idea that Amazon offering Amazon Prime free so that you can watch latest movies, tv shows and much more by subscribing. And instead of going at theater can enjoy at recent release movies at home on big screen while eating popcorn.

Here iPhone 6 users going to get all possible ways using which can mirror phone to tv within a minutes or so.

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Connect iPhone 6 (iPhone 6 Plus) To TV / Projector / Computer

Actually there are two ways to mirror iPhone 6 (iPhone 6+) to Television. One of those is using wired method and another is wireless method. And which method you might use will depends upon how much you willing to pay for solution that’s why here along with procedure we will provide cost so that you can easily choose.

Mirror iPhone 6 to TV using cables

Here starting with wired methods which are low cost method and affordable for all. In order to connect device to TV you suppose to need is one adapter that converts your mobile’s signal to digital signal. It’s easily done by apple’s Lightning to Digital AV adapter, which costs you around 50 bucks.

Along with this adapter you just need standard HDMI cable so that you can connect adapter and Television. We prefers Amazon Basic High Speed HDMI cable but then also you can select anyone which you like and within budget.

Now connect adapter with iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus and adapter to TV using HDMI cable. Also need power supply for adapter.

Isn’t it simple ? Now just turn on Television and select HDMI input. Once got connected along with video audio is also routed to TV. Mostly each and every app will work rather then some apps like HBO Go and NFL as they not allowing wired mirroring. Check out video of connecting iPhone 6 to TV.

Now a days every TV, Projector, Laptop and PC have HDMI port but if there is not HDMI port available then you suppose to buy Lightning to VGA adapter instead of digital adapter .

Might some people are using that old analog tv which neither have HDMI not VGA port. They suppose to purchase composite cable. Then do connections and follow procedure as show in below video.

These are all possible wired methods using which you guys can connect your iPhone 6 To TV very easily and at low cost.

How to Connect iPhone 6 To TV wireless

If you do have good amount to spend for solution of problem then here are all possible ways by using users can connect iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus to tv. Some of methods available below are low cost so check those out if not want to play with cables.

Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad Connect using Apple TV : Apple TV is best solution for mirroring iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus to TV. It’s best because after having Apple TV you not suppose to buy any other devices as and when you upgrade your iPhones. Even by using this every Apple products can be mirror with TV. And one the most benefit is just keep it on one spot and get freedom from playing with cables.

Once you do have Apple TV then just connect it with your TV. Now swipe up from bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center and select “AirPlay” icon. If both devices will be on same wireless network then Apple TV will be available in list.

Mirror using Google Chromecast : Google Chromecast is another handy and small device which you suppose to plug to your HDMI port of TV. Install Chromecast application from itunes and select Chromecast device shown as below video.

Connecting using Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick : Another handy devices are Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick . You suppose to follow same procedure as show for chromecast but application to install instead of chromcast are Reflector / AirReciver.

Along with all this devices there are lot many in-budget casting devices are available on Amazon which includes Belkin Miracast Video Adapter, NETGEAR Push2TV Wireless Display HDMI Adapter with Miracast (PTV3000) and Easycast .

For your easiness here we provided all possible ways to connect your iPhone 6 to TV. So enjoy iPhone 6 content on your HDTV.

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