How to connect iPhone 5S to TV

Connect iPhone 5S to TV : The most recent iPhone device, the iPhone 5S, has got plenty of features in it. One impressive feature is allowing users to connect it to TV. Yes, you can watch movies, tv shows and play games (Amazon offers Free Prime) of iPhone 5S on big screens. For this, you need to follow a simple method. Well, there is more than one method to do so. For you, here are all possible methods to mirror your iPhone 5S to TV. Just proceed with the one that you like the most.

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Ways : How to connect iPhone 5S to TV

Method 1 : Connecting to TV using HDMI Cable

Before you start with this method, spend money in buying Lightning Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable .

  • In the 30-pin connector or the Lightning connector of your esteemed iPhone 5S, plug the AV Adapter. One end of HDMI cable should be plugged into port available on adapter.
  • Now, go to your TV and find out the HDMI port on it. Plug the HDMI cable’s end into it.
  • Now turn on your TV. The setup part with the hardware is done. All you need to do is to set the input mode of your TV as ‘HDMI’. The process of doing this may vary with the TV brands. But don’t worry; it’s pretty easy to do.

Method 2 : Using Apple TV and Airplay 

Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad If you have Apple TV, AirPlay feature can be used for mirroring process. For this, you must have second-generation of Apple TV. Also, make sure to update your Apple TV and iPhone 5S device to the latest version of iOS.

  • Set the input mode of TV to Apple TV. Turn on the AirPlay feature on your Apple TV. Option for this lies in the Settings section.
  • Now connect your Apple TV and iPhone 5S device to your home network. Yes, both must be connected to same home network only.
  • In your iPhone 5S device, go to the Control Center. Tapping the AirPlay button will bring a set of options, from where, you need to select your Apple TV.
  • That’s it. You are done connecting iPhone 5S to TV.

Even if you have Amazon Fire TV/ TV Stick , Google Chromecast then also there is the way using which you can connect your iPhone 5S to tv wireless. To connect using Chromecast you suppose to download Chromecast app from iTunes. And to connect using Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV stick then you suppose to have applications Reflector or AirReciver on your device.

Method 3 : Connect with help of Analog Connection

I would recommend this method if you don’t have TV with HDMI ports. For this method implementation, you need to buy Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter.

  • To the connector of your iPhone 5S device, connect the adapter. If VGA Adapter is what you are using, then you should connect one end of VGA cable to adapter. Don’t forget to secure the connection. You can use screws for this purpose.
  • If you are using Composite or Component cables, the plugs should be connected to correct colors on your TV.
  • For those using Lightning to VGA adapter, audio connection is separate task. Simply use the headphone cable for this purpose, or home theater system for better sound quality.
  • Now start your TV and set the input mode to stream video and audio via HDMI. The iPhone 5S’s display will start mirroring on your TV.

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