How to Connect iPad Air to TV

Apple iPad Air the new tablet device released by Apple. Many Apple lovers got it on first day after standing in long queue for whole night and day. Many of Apple lovers still not have new iPad Air and want to buy then visit Amazon store for cheap price.

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After having your iPad Air at home now like to hook it with your TV, PC and Projector to watch movies, tv shows , play games and many more on HD screen. Now a days Amazon giving Amazon Prime 30 days free trial which contains more that 40,000 movies and TV shows. Then take a look at step by step guide to connect it with TV, Computer and Projector wireless or wired.

Connect iPad Air to TV / Computer / Projector

To do the same you need to purchase some of cables and devices from Amazon or Apple store because without it there is no possibilities to connect it.

If you want to connect device with HDTV then you need is :

After having those two things just connect iPad Air to AV Adapter using lightning port and then connect adapter and HDTV using HDMI Cable. And then turn your TV on and switch on HDMI input option.

Now if you would like to connect iPad Air to Analog TV, PC or Projector then buy required cable and component avail below and follow simple steps :

After you have this adapter just connect PC, Projector or Analog TV using VGA Cable . After doing so plug in lightning port to your iPad Air and it’s done. Here is full video tutorial which helps you to understand .

How to connect iPad Air to Apple TV Wireless

If you are looking for some wireless way to connect device then you must to have Apple TV . So if you do have Apple TV then it’s well and good but not have it then buy it using link avail above for cheap price. Once you have it then connect use Airplay feature to connect your iPad Air to TV.

Now it’s done you hooked up your device to tv now enjoy videos, games and many more on HD screen. And if not get success then just give a comment in below box I will respond you surely with solution .

16 thoughts on “How to Connect iPad Air to TV

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  2. Kathy M

    My TV does not have a via connection. Is there a way to connect the near gratin IPads to the older TVs. Thank you. Kathy

  3. Kathy M

    sorry about previous email. My TV does not have a VGA connection. Is there a way to connect the new generation IPADS to older TVs?

    1. Butch Lutz

      Easy – lightning to digital AV adapter, then hdmi cord – connect to hdmi/analog converter with rca connections, then run you cables to your old TV. It does work, I do it for karaoke monitor in in my bar room.

  4. Larry

    Once I connect the HDMI to TV port where do I go with my remote? I have a Sony Bravia with two HDMI ports. I connected to port #1 plus dialed down past video 1, 2, etc to PC with my remote but Still no picture. There is no HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 that I can see.

  5. Joe

    This worked a month ago now it seems like Comcast found a way to block it, there is a message on the screen that do to security reasons unable to watch any suggestions ? Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Not checked but as per my knowledge movies streamed on various websites will not shows up on your TV.

  6. Mark

    If I buy the lightning to digital av adaptor and cable will it be possible to watch sky go from iPad Air on my TV.
    Regards mark.

  7. Simone

    Hi there,

    I wanted to know if there is any difference in quality if I use the AV adapter or Apple TV? I would like to buy the option where the quality on the TV is the best.
    Does it depend on the ipad model, connection method or the TV?

    Thank you!!

    1. admin Post author

      Simone there will be minor change in quality if you are using official av adapter product by apple then Apple TV connection , but let me know that if there is other company adapter will be there then surely quality of picture will be degrade at some level.

  8. ronald hassett

    my apple ipad air5 is mac can I still connect the apple lightning adaptor hdmi
    to my 32″ Samsung tv to mirror it as I cannot see the little ipad screen easily
    after connecting I get no picture only sound on tv and it says hdmi not supported on this application? why regards ron

  9. BRSF

    Here are problems with ipad.
    1 Screen is too small to see videos well
    2 Keyboard really only allows one/two finger typing so no good for serious writing
    3.Far too many silly apps.
    4.No help screen and apple help doesn’t help much.’
    5. No all delete mode for messages
    6 Can’t get fullscreen image on Tv from HDMI connection to ipad.
    7 Its a far too expensive toy and not really useful for serious work. I’m really sorry I bought it.


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