How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV

Samsung has recently released its latest highly featured Android smartphone called the new Samsung Galaxy S6. You want to learn How to connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV so i can assume that you have already bought it. If you don’t have it then you gotta Check Price and buy now because this is not just a usual new model of android smartphone, but a beautifully designed whole new pack of features loaded in extremely powerful hardware.

Connect Galaxy S6 To TV , Samsung Galaxy S6

Ways to connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV

There are several well known ways to mirror the tiny screen of your Samsung phone to your big screen, however few of them are replaced with new methods and software by Samsung.

Mirroring Samsung Galaxy S6 screen to TV is now more easy with guide below. In this tutorial you guys will have various methods on connecting Galaxy S6 to TV and stream media like videos, playing games, making presentations and much more. Might you guys do have idea regarding Amazon free prime subscription which offers unlimited movies and tv shows for free.

As prior Galaxy phone can connect to TV using Mircast and MHL cables. But as Samsung dropped all MHL cables support with S6 and S6 Edge you must to go with wireless methods available below :

Connect Galaxy S6 to TV using Miracast

This is the easiest way to mirror your device screen to TV in seconds. This supports almost every app to transfer your media on your TV screen. Unfortunately it works only on Smart TVs, If you don’t have a smart TV then you must have to get a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Box. You can just buy Miracast video adapter or ScreenBeam Mini2 Display Receiver. Even Roku 4 / Roku 3 or Roku stick also helps you to do the same.

  1. Setup your device on your television.
  2. Register your Galaxy S6 once.
  3. Open the notification panel on your smartphone.
  4. Go to “Quick connect”.
  5. Click Register TV.
  6. Once this is done, you can stream the Video with the Display-Arrow-Icon.

Mirror your Galaxy S6 to TV using BLE

This is an another easy way to transfer your tiny screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 to your TV. It is called BLE (Bluetooth low energy). It will allow you to stream your screen. If you have a TV with BLE support, follow the instructions.

  1. Setup your TV for BLE from menu.
  2. Open the notification panel on your smartphone.
  3. Select “TV”
  4. Go to “Tap TV to mobile device” and you are done.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV using Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the most favorite way to connect S6 screen to TV. You will just need a Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.

  1. Connect chromecast to your TV using HDMI port of your TV and set it up
  2. Setup Chromecast on your TV.
  3. Connect the chromecast and your Samsung Galaxy S6 to the same WiFi Network, Make sure it’s SAME WiFi NETWORK.
  4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 to Chromecast device.
  5. Install the Chromecast app on your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  6. Brighten up your Galaxy S6 Screen on TV to mirror YouTube by just pressing chromecast button above the video.

Note: Chromecast can only transfer a limited apps to TV like YouTube, Google Play, Google+, and Google Chrome.

FAQ : 

How do I stream video from without a WiFi network?

You can use Miracast devices which directly supports WiFi. These devices works without a pre-existing WiFi network.

  • Miracast Fire TV Stick
  • Miracast Fire TV Box
  • Miracast Video Adapter

Does the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge support an MHL cable connection?

Galaxy S6 does not support an MHL cable connection like previous Samsung mobiles.

Is Galaxy S6 supports AllShare ? 

Samsung replaced AllShare with Samsung Link, click here to know more about it.

If you have any questions/queries regarding this you are always welcome to comment it, we will try our best to help you. If you know any other ways to mirror S6 screen to TV, care to share it via comments.

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