How to connect PS3 to TV

Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the best gaming consoles available in the market. If you own it, then you must be already familiar that with it, you can stream movies , tv shows and games on TV. Connecting PS3 to TV is pretty simple task. I’m explaining the step by step procedure on how to do so.

Ways to connect PS3 to TV

Choosing Connection Cable

  • The very first process to choose the connection cable. For this, simply inspect TV (HDTV with HDMI, Analog TV) to find out which connection cables are meant for you.
  • To have best quality streaming, it’s recommended to get a HDMI cable. But not have HDMI port on TV then don’t worry buy high resolution component cable or s-video cable. Here s-video cable is not carrying high definition signals so there will be huge drop in picture quality occurs.
  • After you are done with the cable selection work, move to the next section. Before that, make sure to have fast Internet connection with you.

PS3 to TV, connect PS3 to TV

Connecting PS3 to TV

You are all set to connect the PS3 to TV. For that, do follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Place the PS3 Console near the TV. Turn off both devices before you connect them.
  • Now you need to connect the video cable which chosen by you from upper procedure to the back side of your TV. Just for your info, component and A/V cables are color coded while the HDMI cable comes in a wide hexagram shape.
  • It’s time to connect the audio cables to your TV. For those using HDMI cable, this step is not required to be followed. If you are using component or composite cable, then make the connection as per the color codes.
  • Connect video cable to the back of your PS3 Console.

Enabling the Internet on PS3

  • If you have got Wi-Fi connection, then the things are easy for you. In case you have Wi-Fi router, then you need to spend money on Ethernet cable.
  • In the back of PS3, the second port from the left is Ethernet port. Connect one end of Ethernet cable to it.
  • The free end of the cable should now be connected to the cable modem.
  • Again, look at the back of your PS3 console. On the far right side lies the port for power. Connect the AC Power cord that you got with your console, to it.
  • Other end of power cord should be connected to the wall outlet.
  • Start the power supply to your PS3, TV and Modem. In case you are using Wi-Fi router, power it on.
  • You will have to wait for few minutes so that devices get recognized.
  • Make sure the input on your TV is set to receive content from the Console. For this, you need to press the ‘Input’ button on your remote. This process is quite simple and varies as per the brand of TV you have got.
  • In the Xross Media Bar (XMB), keep scrolling until you find the icon meant for Network Settings.
  • Now press the Enter on Internet connection.
  • Keep scrolling until you get to the icon meant for Internet Connection Settings.
  • Test the connection now. If it’s successful, then you are all set to start using your PS3 Console.

That’s it. You have successfully connected the PS3 to TV. Hit the below given comment box with your queries, if any.

How to connect HTC One to TV

HTC One is one of the best smartphones that HTC has ever brought in the market. The device comes with many impressive features, and out of all, one is of allowing you to connect it to TV. Connecting this popular device to TV is pretty simple task. This article provides you the step-by-step procedure about how to connect your HTC One to TV.

If you don’t know what it means by connecting HTC One to TV, then let me tell you that by doing so, you can have all content of HTC One directly on your TV that mean you can watch movies, tv shows, videos and play games . You can mirror everything of your One’s screen on your TV. This feature is like a boon for all those who don’t like to watch movies on small screen of smartphone.

How to Connect HTC One to TV : Methods

Standard Method suggested by HTC :  In order to connect HTC One to TV, you need to have Media Link HD (MHL) adapter. This is what let us connect our esteemed device to TV. Unfortunately, it does not come with HTC One. You need to buy it separately. Well, spending money on it should not be a big deal for you. Come on, screen mirroring will make your life fun.

Now along with Media link HTC provides HDMI cable , power cable and power adapter. So connect one end of HDMI Cable to TV and another end to HTC Media link.

To power it up you suppose to connect power cable to media link and LED on device glows up.

Connect HTC One to TV

Then select HDMI as source on TV and you can see HTC Media Link page on your TV and now just swipe three fingers on your HTC One screen upper side as show up in image.

And it’s done now you can watch videos to your TV from your phone and along with that you guys also can access your phone for other use without disturbing your video. Now to stop just swipe three fingers to down side.

Wired and cheap solution but not standard : As known this wired method which here you guys checking out is not standard but as it’s cheap so you might go for it.

To connect your HTC one to TV wired then you have to buy SKIVA MediaFlow HD-X2 . And connect HDMI end to TV HDMI port , micro HDMI end to mobile HDMI port and to charge mobile continuously USB end to mobile charger.

And then select HDTV source on your TV and it’s done your mobile got mirrored on your HDTV.

Another cheap way is also there to do the same. For that you suppose to purchase Galaxy S2 Adapter for HDTV . Let me warn you don’t go for Galaxy S3 or other adapter rather then this. And one standard HDMI cable.

Then connect on one HDMI end to TV and other end to adapter. Now connect power cable to adapter so that your phone goes on charging mode continuously. Then on TV select source ad HDMI and it’s done your phone got mirrored on your TV.

Connect HTC One to Analog TV : If you don’t owe HDMI TV and like to connect your phone to Analog TV then along with cables mentioned in cheap method you suppose to buy HDMI to AV Converter to convert HDMI signal to AV signal.

DLNA supported TV / Device method : Let me know that HTC One is DLNA supported so if you do have DLNA supported TV or device (check list) at home then now need to purchase any thing.

Connect your DLNA supported TV / Device to wi-fi network and connect your HTC one on same wi-fi network.

Now just swipe three fingers upper side as show in first image and select screen on which you like to cast your mobile screen.

Connect HTC One to TV wireless using Chromecast : Now let me give you another way to do the same. For that you guys must to have Google Chromecast . Now connect one end of micro HDMI cable comes in box to Chromecast and another USB end to your TV or wall charger to charge device continuously.

After then just install Chromecast application on your HTC One and follow set up instruction.

And once you done set up then it’s done now go to Chromecast App >> Menu >> Cast Screen. And it’s over your phone got mirrored on TV , now cast whatever you like to cast on screen like movies , tv shows , play games or anything.

Till having any confusion then just give a comment in blow box and get help from our team.

How to connect MAC to TV

Connect Mac to TV : Do you love playing videos or other content on your Mac ? Now would you like to mirror the content of your Mac’s display on the TV , for watching movies , TV Shows , play Games , listen music on big screen ? Yeah, this is possible and quite easy as well. If you want to connect Mac to TV, then check out the guide ahead by selecting your device from listed below .

How to connect MAC to TV

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Macbook Pro Macbook Air Macbook iPhone
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iPad ipad Air iPod Touch

So just click on mac device which you owe and would like to connect it to TV. And just follow steps you will get information regarding port and adaptor you require to connect your mac device to television.

Now connect one end of adaptor in your Mac device and other end to TV.

Then press input or source from your remote of TV which switch your TV mode to HDMI mode.

And it’s done your TV screen now shows up Mac device screen so just do whatever you would like to do in big screen.

Anyone who also want volume along with big screen they suppose to go System Preference >> Sound for latest TV models. In Sound menu there is list and you have to select “Output” and you will get “HDMI” over there then select your TV name. But who owe’s early models of TV they suppose to buy separate audio cable which been mentioned on page of your device.


How to Connect iPad Air to TV

Apple iPad Air the new tablet device released by Apple. Many Apple lovers got it on first day after standing in long queue for whole night and day. Many of Apple lovers still not have new iPad Air and want to buy then visit Amazon store for cheap price.

Still having confusion regarding why you want to mirror iPad Air to TV and what you going to get ? Then let me tell you it’s very helpful and by doing this you can watch latest movies , tv shows (Amazon free 30 days trial) and videos from your iPad to TV and other side you continue to work / read / surf on iPad Air .

iPad Air, Apple iPad Air, iPad Air Photos , iPad Air Pictures , iPad Air Images , iPad Air Pics

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Connect iPad Air to TV / Computer / Projector

To do the same you need to purchase some of cables and devices from Amazon or Apple store because without it there is no possibilities to connect it.

If you want to connect device with HDTV then you need is :

After having those two things just connect iPad Air to AV Adapter using lightning port and then connect adapter and HDTV using HDMI Cable. And then turn your TV on and switch on HDMI input option.

Now if you would like to connect iPad Air to Analog TV, PC or Projector then buy required cable and component avail below and follow simple steps :

After you have this adapter just connect PC, Projector or Analog TV using VGA Cable . After doing so plug in lightning port to your iPad Air and it’s done. Here is full video tutorial which helps you to understand .

How to connect iPad Air to Apple TV Wireless

If you are looking for some wireless way to connect device then you must to have Apple TV . So if you do have Apple TV then it’s well and good but not have it then buy it using link avail above for cheap price. Once you have it then connect use Airplay feature to connect your iPad Air to TV.

Cast iPad Air to TV using Chromecast 

Google comes up with latest Chromecast device which cast your any device screen to TV. So if you thinking to buy Google Chromecast then here another way using which you can mirror your iPad air to tv.

After having this Chromecast you suppose to connect it to HDTV HDMI port download Chromecast app from iTunes. Then follow simple set up steps as shown on your screen and it’s done your iPad Air screen will shows up on your TV.

Now it’s done you hooked up your device to tv now enjoy videos, games and many more on HD screen. And if not get success then just give a comment in below box I will respond you surely with solution .

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to TV

Samsung launched new version of Galaxy cellphone after Galaxy S4. You might come across information provided on this website regarding connect galaxy s4 to tv. You guys might purchased new galaxy s5 and if not then guys visit Amazon website for cheapest rate. After helping lots of people here we comes up with another tutorial. Want to mirror your Galaxy S5 screen on TV? You can do it pretty easily and watch movies , tv shows and play games on HDTV rather then doing on small screens. Amazon offering 40,000 movies for free so subscribe Amazon Prime for free now.  There are various ways that you can follow to connect Galaxy S5 to TV. The below section covers them all.

Ways : How to connect galaxy S5 to TV

Method 1 : Wired Method to connect s5 to HDTV – To begin with you need to have Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter, HDMI cable , HDTV with HDMI port(s). If you have them all, then proceed ahead to know the procedure.

Connect Galaxy S5 To TV , How to connect Samsung galaxy s5 to tv , connect samsung galaxy s5 to tv , Galaxy S5 to HDTV , Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Connect one end of HDMI cable to HDMI port on adapter, and the other end to HDMi port on your HDTV.
  • Hold your Galaxy S5 charger and connect microUSB to port on adapter. Now plug in the charger to nearby source of electricity.
  • The next step is to plug microUSB connector to the port meant for it on your Galaxy S5.
  • Just change setup in TV to make it show the HDMI’s signal.
  • Your HDTV will now be mirroring whatever is being displayed on your Galaxy S5.

Youtube Video : How to connect galaxy s5 to TV wired

Method 2 : Using Homesync – For this, you need to have is Samsung HomeSync , Standard HDMI Cable and power adapter for HomeSunc. Below are the steps you need to follow to implement this method.

– Connect one end of HDMI cable to HDMI port on Homesync , and the other end to HDMi port on your HDTV.

Conect S5 to TV using Homesync– Connect power adapter cable to port meant for it on HomeSync, and then simply plug the adapter to nearby electricity source.

Conect S5 to TV using Homesync 1

–  Switch on your Galaxy S5 device. Start your HDMI and make sure to setup it so that it streams video via HDMI port to which you have contacted the HomeSync. Simple follow the instructions that you see on the easy setup page.

– Connect device to WiFi and enable its NFC feature. Now place it center top side of HomeSync.

– The Samsung Apps on your smartphone will open up automatically, and you will be taken to HomeSync app download page. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the installation of app.

– After the HomySync app gets installed, tap on it to run it. You will soon be prompted with some info. If you select Yes, then whatever pics you have in your Galaxy S5, will get uploaded to HomeSync device automatically.

– If asked to update Samsung Link, do it. Tap Screen Mirroring option on homepage of HomeSync device so as to start the mirroring of your Galaxy S5 screen on HDTV.

Samsung Homesync App

Method 3 : Connect S5 to TV Wireless –  In this method, we make use of Samsung AllShare Cast Wireless Hub which you can buy online from Amazon at best prices . And if you have Samsung smart tv then you not supposed to purchase that Allshare Hub. Now follow simple steps given below :

Samsung Smart TV

  • Connect one end of HDMI cable to HDMI port on AllShare Cast Wireless Hub, and the other end to HDMi port on your HDTV.
  • Plug charger’s microUSB connector to wireless hub’s port and then plug it to nearby power source. Status indicator on your hub will start blinking in no time. Pressing Reset button on it will make it ready to use.
  • Tap the Apps icon on your Galaxy S5 and then select Settings. Tap Screen Mirroring which lies under the CONNECT AND SHARE section.
  • Your phone will detect if the wireless hub is ready for use. You will see something with name Dongle. Tap on it to start mirroring.

Method 4 : Direct Method – If your HDTV supports HDCP 2.0 Screen Mirroring feature, then you can connect your Galaxy S5 device to it directly. Follow the below written steps.

  • First of all, press the ‘Source’ button on your TV remote. It will bring the options to allow you to select the streaming source and select Screen Mirroring.
  • The screen will tell you that the connection process is going on. During this time, you need to connect your Galaxy S5.
  • Head over to Settings > More networks > Screen Mirroring in your Galaxy S5, and then select your TV so as to setup the connection.
  • That’s all. You’ve successfully connected your Galaxy S5 to TV.

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So, it was list of few methods to connect your Galaxy S5 to TV. If you need any further help, do use the below given comment box.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV ?

After all checking great review about Samsung Galaxy S4 you purchased it and if not then take a look at Amazon for cheapest price . Anyways let me focus on for what you guys are here ! Now confused on how to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV / HDTV ? Don’t worry my friends here we guys are to help you guys . There are two ways to connect Galaxy S4 to TV one is using wired connection and other is using wireless and watch movies , tv shows and play games on HDTV. If you guys love to watch more movies and tv shows then just got subscribe for Amazon Prime because it contains more that 40,000 movies and tv shows collection, so be quick and get Amazon Prime 30 days free trial.  Now here we provide both procedure with step by step guide .

Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV

Connect Galaxy S4 to TV using wired connection

Connect s4 to HDTV : 

– First you must to have MHL 2.0 HDTV Smart Adapter by Samsung or Cable Matters MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter cheap replica. Take a note that all MHL adapted not going to work for all Samsung devices , newer devices available market have 11 pin adapter so choose it wisely .

– Connect adapter one side to phone and other side to power source .

– After doing that connect adapter to your TV HDMI port using standard HDMI cable .

And it’s done ! Watch movies and videos from Netflix , Youtube , Hulu and anything stored on your phone .

Connect Galaxy S4 to Analog TV : 

Now if you do have Analog TV then need to buy HDMI to composite adapter which allows compatibility between your Galaxy S4 and Television .

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV wireless ?

Now if you want to connect phone to tv without wires then follow steps given below :

Using Samsung Homesync : Samsung introduce new Homesync which helps to sync your photos , videos and all mobile data to store on cloud along with that you can use your phone as remote control and also mirror it to tv. For that you supposed to purchase that Samsung Homesync and just need to connect that with your HDTV using Standard HDMI Cable.

Turn Homesunc on and enable NFC feature. And just follow steps shown up on your mobile screen. And if you want detailed information on connecting galaxy s4 to tv using homesync then click here and scroll down, you will have full detailed procedure.

Using Samsung Allshare Hub : 

Samsung Smart TV – Get Samsung Allshare Hub and connect it with your TV HDMI port using HDMI cable and if do you have Samsung Smart TV then no need to purchase Allshare Hub . And ensure that your phone and Hub or TV are connected to same wireless network .

– Now Open Settings > Connections > Screen Mirroring Option 

And you have done it ! It’s all about to connect your brand news S4 with TV . If you do have any query regarding this process or want to ask any questions give a comment in box avail below and get response from our side .

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How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV : Own Samsung Galaxy S3 and love to watch movies on it? Well, the incredible display quality of this esteemed smartphone by Samsung makes it a good portable movie player. Anyways, do you know that you can connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, it is actually possible. You can mirror the movie , tv shows and games being played on S3 to its big display of your TV? Are you interested in doing so? If yes, then just follow the below mentioned steps to learn about how to connect S3 To TV.

You guys also like to check out Amazon free 30 days trial which helps you to watch latest movies and tv shows online anytime and anywhere .

Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to tv, Samsung Galaxy S3 to tv

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV

Connect to HDTV : Method 1 

    • To start with the process, you need to have Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter. Well, don’t try to play any cheap trick here. Just buy the Samsung branded HDMI Adapter since the USB configuration has been changed by company in Galaxy S3. So, any other adapter may not work.
    • After having the Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter in your hands, all you need to do is to plug it into the USB port of your Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • The next thing that you need to do is to use a standard HDMI cable, and connect it between the adapter and TV set.
  • It’s time to use the Power Cable. Yeah, the same that you got with your Samsung Galaxy S3. Connect this cable to the adapter and then plug it to any power source. Since this step is little complex, it is advised to perform it wisely. The mistake could lead to the failure of whole process.
  • So, the setup is all done. You are done with connecting the wires to the correct places (I hope so!). What next? Nothing!! The TV screen will display the content that is being getting displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Along with the display, audio from your Galaxy S3 will also be pushed to the speakers that are connected with your TV (mostly in-built).

Connect Galaxy S3 To HDTV

Method 2 : 

There is another cheaper alternative to using which you guys can connect your phone to tv. I haven’t tried but come to know that many get success with this way. The way is connect mobile to tv using Micro USB to HDMI MHL HDTV Cable . You may get other brands cable to but my suggestion is not to go with those other brands cable such as Skiva MHL, Patuoxun Aluminum MHL and etc.

Connect to Analog TV : 

Now if you do have old Analog TV and want to hook up your s3 to tv then you need is above mentioned HDMI Adapter and standard HDMI cable but along with it you guys also need is one HDMI to Composite / AV Converter.

After having those you guys just need to connect all of it as shown in Image and HDMI out to be connected with HDMI to composite / AV converter then just connect your AV Cable from converter out to Analog TV.

How to connect Galaxy S3 to tv wireless

If you are not likes too much wires and want a way to connect it wireless then buy Samsung Allshare HUB and connect it to with HDTV using HDMI cable.

Samsung Smart TVIf you HDTV is Samsung Smart TV then no any requirement of Allshare HUB all things are inbuilt.

That’s it. You have successfully learned about connecting samsung galaxy s3 to tv. Simple process, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to ask us help in this aspect.

How to Connect Macbook Air to TV

MacBook Air is one of the best products by Apple if you don’t have it and looking for purchase it then take a look at Amazon Store for best and cheap rate. There are many reasons for which one can fall in love with this esteemed device. If you have already fallen in love with it due to one reason or more, then you might be its proud owner, right? If this is so, then this post is meant for you, as I am sharing here the way to connect MacBook Air to TV.

Connect Macbook Air to TV, How to Connect Macbook Air to TV

Connect Macbook Air to TV


    • The MacBook Air does not come with an HDMI port. But don’t panic! A simple and cheap solution is there. The solution is HDTV with an HDMI port.

    • Apart from that, you also need to buy Thunderbolt to HDMI video adapter with audio support and HDMI Cable.
    • Bought all the necessary equipment ? Let’s start with the process then.
    • Find the HDMI Port on Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. Connect one end of HDMI Cable to it.
    • Connect the Thunderbolt end of Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to Thunderbolt port of your MacBook Air.
    • Find the HDMI Port on your TV, and connect other end of HDMI Cable to it.
    • All setup is done. Now turn on your TV. Switch the input to the HDMI port. Yeah, the one to which MacBook Air is connected. Done? If everything is done correctly, then you will be able to see the content displayed on your MacBook Pro, on your TV’s screen.

Older TV / VGA TV : 

If you don’t have HDTV and having older TV then not to worry just buy Thunderbolt to VGA cable and standard VGA cable if your TV having VGA port.

And for Analog TV you suppose to have mini displayport to composite adapter . And do connection as shown in video.

Mirror Macbook Air to TV wireless using Apple TV

  • Those out of you who own an Apple TV, can mirror their MacBook Air by using AirPlay. Note that you may observe little bit lag between the content running on two displays (your MacBook Air and Apple TV). If you still not getting how to do this then check out video below with proper procedure.

Connect Macbook Air to TV using Chromecast

Google comes up with Chromecast which cast your Macbook Air screen to TV. For that you buy Chromecast and then connect it to your HDTV’s HDMI port. And then connect power cable to chromecast so that device charging continuously.

Now you suppose to set it up on your Mac Air which you can do by visiting Official Google Chromecast page . And follow set up instructions as shown on page and mirror whatever you want from your Mac.

If you follow process then you have connected your Air to HDTV. Now enjoy latest movies , tv shows and play latest games on big screen. Even you can subscribe for Amazon Prime 30 days free trial and get more then 40,000 movies and tv shows collection.

So what are you waiting for? I hope that you now know that how to connect MacBook Air to TV. Just implement the process.

How to connect laptop to tv

Ever felt the need to connecting your laptop to TV, and wondered whether it is possible or not? Sure this is possible. In fact, you can connect laptop to TV by not only one or two ways, but many. From those many ways you need to choose right cable to connect it in right way, so check out all connection which you guys will find , with highest to lower picture quality. Let me know it doesn’t matter which company laptop you have, you just need is right cable which helps you to connect your laptop to your TV.

Connect laptop to tv, how to Connect laptop to tv

Select cable to connect your laptop to TV

HDMI : If you are looking for top-notch quality in mirroring your laptop on TV, then this is the cable that you required which is available to shop on Amazon store at affordable price rate. If your laptop does not have HDMI port, then this method will not work. Don’t panic! You can use DVI to HDMI cable to make this method work for you.

Mini Display port to HDMI Adapter : Some of laptop company provided mini display port, so for those type of laptop you guys need is Mini Display to HDMI Adapter along with HDMI Cable . Then just plug HDMI cable one end to Adapter and another at HDTV. And it’s done you will get 1080p resolution. Firstly it’s required for Apple laptops but as time goes may other laptops company included in various new PC laptops.

DVI : DVI or Digital Visual Interface gives far better quality than S-Video and VGA . DVI connection is required on your laptop and your TV must be HDTV because standard-definition TV won’t support DVI connection. And to do same you required is DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable or DVI male to male cable if your HDTV do have DVI port .

One more thing for sound you need is separate audio cable and then connect it to headphone output to red and white input of your TV.

VGA : Those out of you who own HDTV should proceed with this method to enjoy better quality S-Video. Regular TVs do not come with VGA Port. So, this method is limited to people who own HDTV. To make it work you guys need to buy is VGA Cable. Same as DVI this method also not carry sound signal, so if you want sound then get audio cable and connect it to headphone output to red and white input of TV.

S-Video : The reason why I am listing here at first is that S-Video port is available on almost every TV and laptop. All you need to do is to use S-Video cable to connect your laptop to TV. Same as DVI and VGA for sound Audio cable is required.

This method is not for HD video signals , so want to watch HD signals then must go for HDMI or DVI cables methodology listed above.

Now you have done whole procedure and after doing it you guys can watch everything on your TV such as movies , TV Shows , play games and do many more things. Let me inform you guys that Amazon now a days offering Amazon Prime 30 days trial for free , so subscribe now to have more then 40,000 movies and TV Shows.

So it was how you can connect laptop to TV. Choose the way that suits you the most. Well, I don’t think there is anything that could put you into the clouds of complexity. Still, if you need any assistance in connecting laptop to TV, then use the comment box below.

How to connect Kindle fire HDX to TV

If you have Kindle HDX device in your hands, and are looking for the way to connect it to TV, then let me bring glimpse of smile on your sad face by telling that here, in this article, you will have the easiest method to do so and watch movies , tv shows , videos and play games on big screen on HDTV .

If you are looking for connect your Kindle Fire / Fire HD to TV then click on link. If you are movie maniac then let me know that Amazon offering Free 30 days trial subscription of Amazon Prime which having more that 2500 movies and tv shows collection.

Connect Kindle Fire HDX to TV , Kindle FIre HDX , How to Connect Kindle Fire HDX to TV

How to connect Kindle Fire HDX to TV ?

Prerequisites : Before you dive into the steps, let me tell you things you require.

Connecting Kindle Fire HDX to TV

– First of all, you need to look for port on the Push2TV accessory with the label “Power”. Plug Micro USB cable into it. Plug one end of HDMI cable into port of this accessory. Make sure the port has the label “HDMI” on it.

– The other end of USB cable should be plugged into port meant for it on the power adapter. Make sure to plug the power adapter to nearby power source.

– Find HDMI port on your TV and plug other end of HDMI cable into it.

– Push2TV device will turn on automatically, as soon as you connect it to a power source.

– Now turn On your TV and select the input system as ‘HDMI’. The procedure to do this may differ depending on which TV you have. Most commonly, it’s done by pressing “Source” button on remote control and then selecting HDMI from all available options.

– If everything has gone fine till this point, a screen with the message “Ready for connection” will appear.

– Now the next work to be done is with your Kindle Fire HDX. Head over to Quick Settings >> Settings >> Display & Sounds >> Display Mirroring. Selecting this option will make your Kindle Fire HDX to search for Push2TV device. Simply tap to setup the connection.

– The connection may take few minutes to finish, and in the meantime, you will get message on screen that reads “Connecting to wireless display device.”

That’s it. After connection gets setup, you will see your Kinde Fire HDX screen on your TV.