How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV

Samsung has recently released its latest highly featured Android smartphone called the new Samsung Galaxy S6. You want to learn How to connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV so i can assume that you have already bought it. If you don’t have it then you gotta Check Price and buy now because this is not just a usual new model of android smartphone, but a beautifully designed whole new pack of features loaded in extremely powerful hardware.

Connect Galaxy S6 To TV , Samsung Galaxy S6

Ways to connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV

There are several well known ways to mirror the tiny screen of your Samsung phone to your big screen, however few of them are replaced with new methods and software by Samsung.

Mirroring Samsung Galaxy S6 screen to TV is now more easy with guide below. In this tutorial you guys will have various methods on connecting Galaxy S6 to TV and stream media like videos, playing games, making presentations and much more. Might you guys do have idea regarding Amazon free prime subscription which offers unlimited movies and tv shows for free.

As prior Galaxy phone can connect to TV using Mircast and MHL cables. But as Samsung dropped all MHL cables support with S6 and S6 Edge you must to go with wireless methods available below :

Connect Galaxy S6 to TV using Miracast

This is the easiest way to mirror your device screen to TV in seconds. This supports almost every app to transfer your media on your TV screen. Unfortunately it works only on Smart TVs, If you don’t have a smart TV then you must have to get a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Box. You can just buy Miracast video adapter or ScreenBeam Mini2 Display Receiver. Even Roku 4 / Roku 3 or Roku stick also helps you to do the same.

  1. Setup your device on your television.
  2. Register your Galaxy S6 once.
  3. Open the notification panel on your smartphone.
  4. Go to “Quick connect”.
  5. Click Register TV.
  6. Once this is done, you can stream the Video with the Display-Arrow-Icon.

Mirror your Galaxy S6 to TV using BLE

This is an another easy way to transfer your tiny screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 to your TV. It is called BLE (Bluetooth low energy). It will allow you to stream your screen. If you have a TV with BLE support, follow the instructions.

  1. Setup your TV for BLE from menu.
  2. Open the notification panel on your smartphone.
  3. Select “TV”
  4. Go to “Tap TV to mobile device” and you are done.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to TV using Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the most favorite way to connect S6 screen to TV. You will just need a Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player.

  1. Connect chromecast to your TV using HDMI port of your TV and set it up
  2. Setup Chromecast on your TV.
  3. Connect the chromecast and your Samsung Galaxy S6 to the same WiFi Network, Make sure it’s SAME WiFi NETWORK.
  4. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 to Chromecast device.
  5. Install the Chromecast app on your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  6. Brighten up your Galaxy S6 Screen on TV to mirror YouTube by just pressing chromecast button above the video.

Note: Chromecast can only transfer a limited apps to TV like YouTube, Google Play, Google+, and Google Chrome.

FAQ : 

How do I stream video from without a WiFi network?

You can use Miracast devices which directly supports WiFi. These devices works without a pre-existing WiFi network.

  • Miracast Fire TV Stick
  • Miracast Fire TV Box
  • Miracast Video Adapter

Does the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge support an MHL cable connection?

Galaxy S6 does not support an MHL cable connection like previous Samsung mobiles.

Is Galaxy S6 supports AllShare ? 

Samsung replaced AllShare with Samsung Link, click here to know more about it.

If you have any questions/queries regarding this you are always welcome to comment it, we will try our best to help you. If you know any other ways to mirror S6 screen to TV, care to share it via comments.

How to connect iPhone 7 to TV

Connect iPhone 7 to TV : Apple recently launched new iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus at Apple event which was on 7th September 2016. Apple launched all brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with lot many upgraded features. Features which gonna attract users to purchase iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus are fully waterproof along with brand new camera.

Anyways hope that you guys upgraded to brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Now would like to connect that to HDTV / other TVs or Projectors to watch your mobile content such as video, games, tv shows, movies (Amazon offering free 30 days prime subscription) on high resolution then take a look at below detailed step by step procedure.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Waterproof, iPhone 7 Images, iPhone 7 Pics, iPhone 7 photos, iPhone 7 Plus images

Guys check out detailed possible ways which gonna help to connect iPhone 7 to TV or Projector easily and enjoy your phone content to big screen.

How to connect iPhone 7 to TV / Projector / Computer

Apple killed headphone jack, so now phone will have only thunderbolt port and along with phone they launched Airpod as it’s wireless era. But Apple takes care of their old users and made available thunderbolt to headphone adapter too.

Anyways for connecting mobile to tv we do have interest with thunderbolt port. It depends upon how much you spent upon for solution. If you do have high budget then go for wireless solution or else wired solution is evergreen.

How to Mirror iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus to TV using cables

As mentioned above phone do have lightning thunderbolt port so if you guys do have lightning to digital AV adapter they it will suffice the requirement. Yes along with adapter you also need standard HDMI cable to connect adapter and HDMI TV. We suggest you to go with Aamzon Basic HDMI cable for better speed and resolution purpose.

Now you do have both required things then first connect adapter lightning port to phone. And then after connect adapter and HDMI TV using standard HDMI cable. Adapter also requires power so connect it to power plug to adapter.

Then after turn on your HDTV and select HDMI port as input which reflects your device to HDTV.

All latest HDTV, projectors, PC, laptops do have HDMI port but if there is no HDMI port available on yours then purchase Lightning to VGA adapter along with VGA cable. Then connect as mentioned above and select VGA as input.

Having Analog TV then none of other adapter gonna help you for that you suppose to buy composite cable and do connections as shown in below video.

How to connect iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus to TV wireless

Now let’s take a look at wireless way which gonna gives your freedom from cables. Yes it gonna a cost you more then above wired method but along with mirroring you guys gonna get more benefits too.

Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad Connecting iPhone7 to TV using Apple TV : Apple TV will help to connect iPhone 7 to HDTV using wireless way. For that you must to have any generation Apple TV .

Now connect Apple TV to your HDTV. Note that both Apple TV and your mobile both suppose must be on same wi-fi network. Now just swipe down on iPhone 7 and select “Airplay Mirroring” option. And it’s done mobile get connected with TV wireless.

Mirroring using Google Chromecast : If you guys do have any version of Google Chromecast then there is way to mirror iPhone 7 to TV wireless. To do same you suppose to download chromecast application from iTunes. Check video using which connection with TV using chromecast is possible.

Connect iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus using Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick : Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick is new device which also gonna help to connect device to TV wireless. Along with device you suppose to purchase Reflector / AirReciver app too.

If you guys are looking for cheap solution in wireless methods then there are many other casting devices such as Belkin Miracast Video Adapter, NETGEAR Push2TV Wireless Display HDMI Adapter with Miracast (PTV3000) and Easycast in market which suffice your requirement.

I hope that this article gonna help you to connect your iPhone 7 to TV but got stuck at anywhere then just give a comment in below comment section and I will try to provide proper solution .

How to connect iPhone 6 to TV

Got iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus and researching regarding how to mirror it with your TV. Then let me know you it’s very easy to do same and watch out videos, movies and stored photos on mobile. Even using this connectivity tactic you can play games on HD screen.

You guys might have idea that Amazon offering Amazon Prime free so that you can watch latest movies, tv shows and much more by subscribing. And instead of going at theater can enjoy at recent release movies at home on big screen while eating popcorn.

Here iPhone 6 users going to get all possible ways using which can mirror phone to tv within a minutes or so.

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Connect iPhone 6 (iPhone 6 Plus) To TV / Projector / Computer

Actually there are two ways to mirror iPhone 6 (iPhone 6+) to Television. One of those is using wired method and another is wireless method. And which method you might use will depends upon how much you willing to pay for solution that’s why here along with procedure we will provide cost so that you can easily choose.

Mirror iPhone 6 to TV using cables

Here starting with wired methods which are low cost method and affordable for all. In order to connect device to TV you suppose to need is one adapter that converts your mobile’s signal to digital signal. It’s easily done by apple’s Lightning to Digital AV adapter, which costs you around 50 bucks.

Along with this adapter you just need standard HDMI cable so that you can connect adapter and Television. We prefers Amazon Basic High Speed HDMI cable but then also you can select anyone which you like and within budget.

Now connect adapter with iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus and adapter to TV using HDMI cable. Also need power supply for adapter.

Isn’t it simple ? Now just turn on Television and select HDMI input. Once got connected along with video audio is also routed to TV. Mostly each and every app will work rather then some apps like HBO Go and NFL as they not allowing wired mirroring. Check out video of connecting iPhone 6 to TV.

Now a days every TV, Projector, Laptop and PC have HDMI port but if there is not HDMI port available then you suppose to buy Lightning to VGA adapter instead of digital adapter .

Might some people are using that old analog tv which neither have HDMI not VGA port. They suppose to purchase composite cable. Then do connections and follow procedure as show in below video.

These are all possible wired methods using which you guys can connect your iPhone 6 To TV very easily and at low cost.

How to Connect iPhone 6 To TV wireless

If you do have good amount to spend for solution of problem then here are all possible ways by using users can connect iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus to tv. Some of methods available below are low cost so check those out if not want to play with cables.

Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad Connect using Apple TV : Apple TV is best solution for mirroring iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus to TV. It’s best because after having Apple TV you not suppose to buy any other devices as and when you upgrade your iPhones. Even by using this every Apple products can be mirror with TV. And one the most benefit is just keep it on one spot and get freedom from playing with cables.

Once you do have Apple TV then just connect it with your TV. Now swipe up from bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center and select “AirPlay” icon. If both devices will be on same wireless network then Apple TV will be available in list.

Mirror using Google Chromecast : Google Chromecast is another handy and small device which you suppose to plug to your HDMI port of TV. Install Chromecast application from itunes and select Chromecast device shown as below video.

Connecting using Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick : Another handy devices are Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick . You suppose to follow same procedure as show for chromecast but application to install instead of chromcast are Reflector / AirReciver.

Along with all this devices there are lot many in-budget casting devices are available on Amazon which includes Belkin Miracast Video Adapter, NETGEAR Push2TV Wireless Display HDMI Adapter with Miracast (PTV3000) and Easycast .

For your easiness here we provided all possible ways to connect your iPhone 6 to TV. So enjoy iPhone 6 content on your HDTV.

How to Connect iPad Air to TV

Apple iPad Air the new tablet device released by Apple. Many Apple lovers got it on first day after standing in long queue for whole night and day. Many of Apple lovers still not have new iPad Air and want to buy then visit Amazon store for cheap price.

Still having confusion regarding why you want to mirror iPad Air to TV and what you going to get ? Then let me tell you it’s very helpful and by doing this you can watch latest movies , tv shows (Amazon free 30 days trial) and videos from your iPad to TV and other side you continue to work / read / surf on iPad Air .

iPad Air, Apple iPad Air, iPad Air Photos , iPad Air Pictures , iPad Air Images , iPad Air Pics

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Connect iPad Air to TV / Computer / Projector

To do the same you need to purchase some of cables and devices from Amazon or Apple store because without it there is no possibilities to connect it.

If you want to connect device with HDTV then you need is :

After having those two things just connect iPad Air to AV Adapter using lightning port and then connect adapter and HDTV using HDMI Cable. And then turn your TV on and switch on HDMI input option.

Now if you would like to connect iPad Air to Analog TV, PC or Projector then buy required cable and component avail below and follow simple steps :

After you have this adapter just connect PC, Projector or Analog TV using VGA Cable . After doing so plug in lightning port to your iPad Air and it’s done. Here is full video tutorial which helps you to understand .

How to connect iPad Air to Apple TV Wireless

Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad If you are looking for some wireless way to connect device then you must to have Apple TV . So if you do have Apple TV then it’s well and good but not have it then buy it using link avail above for cheap price. Once you have it then connect use Airplay feature to connect your iPad Air to TV.

Mirror iPad Air to TV using Amazon Fire TV

Amazon fire tv or Fire TV Stick are another options like Apple TV. If you prefer Amazon fire tv instead of Apple TV for some reasons then you not suppose to purchase other devices to mirror your iPad air to tv. For fire tv procedure is same you just need to connect with Airplay using by installing Reflector or AirReciver and it’s done you can mirror iPad air to tv and do what ever you want on big screen.

Cast iPad Air to TV using Chromecast 

Google comes up with latest Chromecast device which cast your any device screen to TV. So if you thinking to buy Google Chromecast then here another way using which you can mirror your iPad air to tv.

After having this Chromecast you suppose to connect it to HDTV HDMI port download Chromecast app from iTunes. Then follow simple set up steps as shown on your screen and it’s done your iPad Air screen will shows up on your TV.

For cheap alternative of Chromecast there are lot many other types of cast available at Amazon. Procedure for connection are same as Google Chromecast procedure which always been mentioned on manual guide comes with that.

You guys can even choose Miracast video adapter or ScreenBeam Mini2 Display Receiver. Even Roku 4 / Roku 3 or Roku stick as a cheap alternative.

Now it’s done you hooked up your device to tv now enjoy videos, games and many more on HD screen. And if not get success then just give a comment in below box I will respond you surely with solution .

How to Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV

Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV : The tablets industry is growing rapidly as the time is passing. From all the tablets, those with the 7-inch screen are very popular. The analysts predict the future to be of tablets. Whatever is; when we talk about the 7-inch tablets, Kindle Fire HD is one glowing name there. This amazing tablet comes from the house of online shopping giant Amazon. The manufacturer started the innings in tablets industry with the Kindle Fire. The tablet got good feedback from the users, and is actually a very good device, but the only and probably the biggest drawback is that it does not support the connection to a TV. If you have Kindle Fire with you, and want to connect it to TV for watching movies , tv shows and playing games , then let me tell you that you are just wasting your time, as it is not possible to do so.

You might interested in watching latest movies and tv shows then get Amazon Prime 30 days free trial and get latest movies and tv shows collection.

Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV

Anyways, the successor to Kindle Fire the Kindle Fire HD supports the connection to TV. Amazon has blessed the Kindle Fire HD with HDMI port by using which, the users can mirror the screen to TV. If you have been searching the waves of web to get the guide about how to connect Kindle Fire HD to PC, then your search is over here, as I am listing the way to do so.

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How to Connect Amazon Kindle Fire HD to TV

HDMI Cable for Kindle Fire HD

  • Once you have it, just connect it between the HDMI port on your TV and your Kindle Fire HD.

Kindle Fire Micro HDMI Port TV HDMI Port

    • That’s it. You can now enjoy the content getting displayed on your Kindle Fire HD, on your TV’s screen.


  • One thing here is to be noted that the aforementioned cable works with high-definition TV sets only. If you have got an older analog TV set, then in addition to that cable, you also need a box which can convert the digital signal to analog signal. You can buy such box for  from Amazon. Having both these equipment, you can mirror the Kindle Fire HD to your old TV set.

That’s it. You have successfully learned about how to connect Kindle Fire HD to TV. Implement the method right away and watch latest movies and tv shows on big screens for free.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to TV

Samsung launched new version of Galaxy cellphone after Galaxy S4. You might come across information provided on this website regarding connect galaxy s4 to tv. You guys might purchased new galaxy s5 and if not then guys visit Amazon website for cheapest rate.

After helping lots of people here we comes up with another tutorial. Want to mirror your Galaxy S5 screen on TV? You can do it pretty easily and watch movies , tv shows and play games on HDTV rather then doing on small screens. Amazon offering 40,000 movies for free so subscribe Amazon Prime for free now.  There are various ways that you can follow to connect Galaxy S5 to TV. The below section covers them all.

Upgraded your S5 to S6 / S6 Edge then check out tutorial on mirroring S6 / S6 Edge to TV.

Ways : How to connect galaxy S5 to TV

Method 1 : Wired Method to connect s5 to HDTV – To begin with you need to have Galaxy S5 HDTV Smart Adapter, HDMI cable , HDTV with HDMI port(s). If you have them all, then proceed ahead to know the procedure.

Connect Galaxy S5 To TV , How to connect Samsung galaxy s5 to tv , connect samsung galaxy s5 to tv , Galaxy S5 to HDTV , Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Connect one end of HDMI cable to HDMI port on adapter, and the other end to HDMi port on your HDTV.
  • Hold your Galaxy S5 charger and connect microUSB to port on adapter. Now plug in the charger to nearby source of electricity.
  • The next step is to plug microUSB connector to the port meant for it on your Galaxy S5.
  • Just change setup in TV to make it show the HDMI’s signal.
  • Your HDTV will now be mirroring whatever is being displayed on your Galaxy S5.

Youtube Video : How to connect galaxy s5 to TV wired

Method 2 : Connect S5 to TV Wireless –  In this method, we make use of Samsung AllShare Cast Wireless Hub which you can buy online from Amazon at best prices . And if you have Samsung smart tv then you not supposed to purchase that Allshare Hub. Now follow simple steps given below :

Samsung Smart TV

  • Connect one end of HDMI cable to HDMI port on AllShare Cast Wireless Hub, and the other end to HDMi port on your HDTV.
  • Plug charger’s microUSB connector to wireless hub’s port and then plug it to nearby power source. Status indicator on your hub will start blinking in no time. Pressing Reset button on it will make it ready to use.
  • Tap the Apps icon on your Galaxy S5 and then select Settings. Tap Screen Mirroring which lies under the CONNECT AND SHARE section.
  • Your phone will detect if the wireless hub is ready for use. You will see something with name Dongle. Tap on it to start mirroring.

Method 3 : Using Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV / Fire Stick – Rather then purchasing above costly tech instruments for a single time use you might be thinking there are any other devices which helps for all phones which you purchase.

Then here are instruments which you just suppose to buy it for once and it will work till last lon for any mobile devices.

If you decided to buy Amazon Fire TV / Amazon Fire TV Stick then it will lower your cost and by following simple steps you guys can connect your phone to tv very easily. To mirror your phone using Amazon Fire TV / TV Stick then you suppose to buy other application to mirror your phone to tv. App that you might have to buy is Reflector or AirReciver.

From those instruments one is Google Chromecast using which you guys can mirror your phone to TV / HDTV very easily and enjoy everything on big screens. After buying Chromecast you suppose to download Google Cast app from app store and just follow steps shows up on your screen.

Along with Google Chromecast there are many other casting devices are available at cheapest price on Amazon. As you buy any from that cheapest devices then along with that device you also going to get manual with it , so set it up as shown in User Guide.

Method 3 : Direct Method – If your HDTV supports HDCP 2.0 Screen Mirroring feature, then you can connect your Galaxy S5 device to it directly. Follow the below written steps.

  • First of all, press the ‘Source’ button on your TV remote. It will bring the options to allow you to select the streaming source and select Screen Mirroring.
  • The screen will tell you that the connection process is going on. During this time, you need to connect your Galaxy S5.
  • Head over to Settings > More networks > Screen Mirroring in your Galaxy S5, and then select your TV so as to setup the connection.
  • That’s all. You’ve successfully connected your Galaxy S5 to TV.

Method 4 : Using Homesync – For this, you need to have is Samsung HomeSync , Standard HDMI Cable and power adapter for HomeSync. Below are the steps you need to follow to implement this method.

– Connect one end of HDMI cable to HDMI port on Homesync , and the other end to HDMi port on your HDTV.

Conect S5 to TV using Homesync– Connect power adapter cable to port meant for it on HomeSync, and then simply plug the adapter to nearby electricity source.

Conect S5 to TV using Homesync 1

–  Switch on your Galaxy S5 device. Start your HDMI and make sure to setup it so that it streams video via HDMI port to which you have contacted the HomeSync. Simple follow the instructions that you see on the easy setup page. And follow other instructions given on user manual of Homesync. And after doing so just need to press Screen mirroring button and it’s done your phone screen will reflect on TV .

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So, it was list of few methods to connect your Galaxy S5 to TV. If you need any further help, do use the below given comment box.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV ?

After all checking great review about Samsung Galaxy S4 you purchased it and if not then take a look at Amazon for cheapest price . Anyways let me focus on for what you guys are here ! Now confused on how to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV / HDTV ? Don’t worry my friends here we guys are to help you guys . There are two ways to connect Galaxy S4 to TV one is using wired connection and other is using wireless and watch movies , tv shows and play games on HDTV. If you guys love to watch more movies and tv shows then just got subscribe for Amazon Prime because it contains more that 40,000 movies and tv shows collection, so be quick and get Amazon Prime 30 days free trial.  Now here we provide both procedure with step by step guide .

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Connect Galaxy S4 to TV using wired connection

Connect s4 to HDTV : 

– First you must to have MHL 2.0 HDTV Smart Adapter by Samsung or Cable Matters MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter cheap replica. Take a note that all MHL adapted not going to work for all Samsung devices , newer devices available market have 11 pin adapter so choose it wisely .

– Connect adapter one side to phone and other side to power source .

– After doing that connect adapter to your TV HDMI port using standard HDMI cable .

And it’s done ! Watch movies and videos from Netflix , Youtube , Hulu and anything stored on your phone .

Connect Galaxy S4 to Analog TV : 

Now if you do have Analog TV then need to buy HDMI to composite adapter which allows compatibility between your Galaxy S4 and Television .

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV wireless ?

Now if you want to connect phone to tv without wires then follow steps given below :

Using Samsung Homesync : Samsung introduce new Homesync which helps to sync your photos , videos and all mobile data to store on cloud along with that you can use your phone as remote control and also mirror it to tv. For that you supposed to purchase that Samsung Homesync and just need to connect that with your HDTV using Standard HDMI Cable.

Turn Homesunc on and enable NFC feature. And just follow steps shown up on your mobile screen. And if you want detailed information on connecting galaxy s4 to tv using homesync then click here and scroll down, you will have full detailed procedure.

Using Samsung Allshare Hub : 

Samsung Smart TV – Get Samsung Allshare Hub and connect it with your TV HDMI port using HDMI cable and if do you have Samsung Smart TV then no need to purchase Allshare Hub . And ensure that your phone and Hub or TV are connected to same wireless network .

– Now Open Settings > Connections > Screen Mirroring Option 

Along with all of above methods there are many other all time devices which will helps you to mirror your Galaxy S4 to tv and those devices are Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and other casting devices. For these methods you suppose to visit this page.

And you have done it ! It’s all about to connect your brand news S4 with TV . If you do have any query regarding this process or want to ask any questions give a comment in box avail below and get response from our side .

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How to Connect iPhone 5 to TV

Connect iPhone 5 to TV : Have you bought the latest member of iPhone family, the iPhone 5? If yes, then would you like to connect it to TV? No doubts that the iPhone 5 is one of the best iOS devices to enjoy the media such as videos, pictures etc. on the go, but who knows, you may be in need of enjoying the media saved in your iPhone 5, on the big screen of your TV. Therefore, it is good to have the knowledge of the process about how to connect iPhone 5 to TV.

Upgraded iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and looking for same solution on how to connect iPhone 6 to TV, then check link for proper solution.

iPhone 5 , Apple iPhone 5 , iPhone 5 to TV , Connect Apple iPhone 5 to TV

How to Connect Your iPhone 5 to TV using Cable

You might know that 9-pin “Lightning” port is a brand new hardware feature that Apple has introduced with the iPhone 5. Therefore, you cannot use the same cable with your iPhone 5, that you use with other old devices of Apple.

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Talking about connecting Apple devices to TV, most of the users like to use the cable to do the task. If you are thinking to connect iPhone 5 to TV using the cable and searched for it on Google then you might get some discouraging words that you cannot connect iPhone 5 and your TV using a cable, at least can’t as of now. But now not to worry about it because Apple made available Lightning Digital AV Adapter which helps you guys to connect your iPhone 5 to TV . With that you also need HDMI cable .

  • Now connect your iPhone 5 to Adapter and then  one end of HDMI cable to adapter and other at TV HDMI Port .
  • Now turn your tv on and switch on the input to HDMI option to which your cable in connected.

How to Connect iPhone 5 to Apple TV ?

Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad Now if you guys having Apple iTV which also known as Airplay then it’s very easy to connect iPhone 5 to Airplay . Now have it and want to buy it then it’s available at Amazon and at Apple store . After having Airplay check out further steps given below to connect iPhone 5 to Apple iTV.

  • The process is very simple. To start with, open videos or photos. Well, it depends on your desire. If you wish to mirror the videos, then of course, you will have to open videos, photos to mirror photos and so on..
  • Now just select the ‘AirPlay’ Icon.
  • A list will come up. Look for ‘Apple TV’ option and open it. This is only selectable if both the devices – under consideration – are connected to same WiFi connection.

Devices such as Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV stick are also available in market using which you can connect your iPhone 5 to tv.

What’s more? Nothing!! You are done with the process about how to connect iPhone 5 to TV. You can now stream content from your esteemed iPhone 5 to TV.

How to Connect Macbook Air to TV

MacBook Air is one of the best products by Apple if you don’t have it and looking for purchase it then take a look at Amazon Store for best and cheap rate. There are many reasons for which one can fall in love with this esteemed device. If you have already fallen in love with it due to one reason or more, then you might be its proud owner, right? If this is so, then this post is meant for you, as I am sharing here the way to connect MacBook Air to TV.

Connect Macbook Air to TV, How to Connect Macbook Air to TV

Along with process let me know why people want to mirror Macbook to Television and super offer which blows up your mind. You guys love to watch movies, tv shows and play games on TV screen then here is super offer on Amazon is available which is Free Amazon Prime once you sign up for it then you do have access of more that 40000 TV shows and movies to watch online.

You might love to check out articles on connect your iPhone 6 to Television, how to connect iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus to TV and ways to connect iPad Air To TV.

Connect Macbook Air to TV


    • The MacBook Air does not come with an HDMI port. But don’t panic! A simple and cheap solution is there. The solution is HDTV with an HDMI port.

    • Apart from that, you also need to buy Thunderbolt to HDMI video adapter with audio support and HDMI Cable.
    • Bought all the necessary equipment ? Let’s start with the process then.
    • Find the HDMI Port on Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. Connect one end of HDMI Cable to it.
    • Connect the Thunderbolt end of Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to Thunderbolt port of your MacBook Air.
    • Find the HDMI Port on your TV, and connect other end of HDMI Cable to it.
    • All setup is done. Now turn on your TV. Switch the input to the HDMI port. Yeah, the one to which MacBook Air is connected. Done? If everything is done correctly, then you will be able to see the content displayed on your MacBook Pro, on your TV’s screen.

Older TV / VGA TV / Projectors : 

If you don’t have HDTV and having older TV then not to worry just buy Thunderbolt to VGA cable and standard VGA cable if your TV having VGA port.

And for Analog TV you suppose to have mini displayport to composite adapter . And do connection as shown in video.

Mirror Macbook Air to TV wireless using Apple TV

  • Apple TV, Apple TV for iPad Those out of you who own an Apple TV, can mirror their MacBook Air by using AirPlay. Note that you may observe little bit lag between the content running on two displays (your MacBook Air and Apple TV). If you still not getting how to do this then check out video below with proper procedure.

Mirror Macbook Air to TV using Amazon Fire TV/ Fire TV Stick

Even if you have Amazon recently launch Fire TV / Fire TV stick then also you guys can mirror your air to tv using some simple steps.

You guys now need to have Reflector or AirReciver application which going to help you in mirroring your macboor air to tv very easily.

Connect Macbook Air to TV using Chromecast

Google comes up with Chromecast which cast your Macbook Air screen to TV. For that you buy Chromecast and then connect it to your HDTV’s HDMI port. And then connect power cable to chromecast so that device charging continuously.

Now you suppose to set it up on your Mac Air which you can do by visiting Official Google Chromecast page . And follow set up instructions as shown on page and mirror whatever you want from your Mac.

If you follow process then you have connected your Air to HDTV. Now enjoy latest movies , tv shows and play latest games on big screen. Even you can subscribe for Amazon Prime 30 days free trial and get more then 40,000 movies and tv shows collection.

So what are you waiting for? I hope that you now know that how to connect MacBook Air to TV. Just implement the process.

How to connect Kindle fire HDX to TV

If you have Kindle HDX device in your hands, and are looking for the way to connect it to TV, then let me bring glimpse of smile on your sad face by telling that here, in this article, you will have the easiest method to do so and watch movies , tv shows , videos and play games on big screen on HDTV .

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How to connect Kindle Fire HDX to TV ?

Prerequisites : Before you dive into the steps, let me tell you things you require.

Connecting Kindle Fire HDX to TV

– First of all, you need to look for port on the Push2TV accessory with the label “Power”. Plug Micro USB cable into it. Plug one end of HDMI cable into port of this accessory. Make sure the port has the label “HDMI” on it.

– The other end of USB cable should be plugged into port meant for it on the power adapter. Make sure to plug the power adapter to nearby power source.

– Find HDMI port on your TV and plug other end of HDMI cable into it.

– Push2TV device will turn on automatically, as soon as you connect it to a power source.

– Now turn On your TV and select the input system as ‘HDMI’. The procedure to do this may differ depending on which TV you have. Most commonly, it’s done by pressing “Source” button on remote control and then selecting HDMI from all available options.

– If everything has gone fine till this point, a screen with the message “Ready for connection” will appear.

– Now the next work to be done is with your Kindle Fire HDX. Head over to Quick Settings >> Settings >> Display & Sounds >> Display Mirroring. Selecting this option will make your Kindle Fire HDX to search for Push2TV device. Simply tap to setup the connection.

– The connection may take few minutes to finish, and in the meantime, you will get message on screen that reads “Connecting to wireless display device.”

That’s it. After connection gets setup, you will see your Kinde Fire HDX screen on your TV.