How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV ?

After all checking great review about Samsung Galaxy S4 you purchased it and if not then take a look at Amazon for cheapest price . Anyways let me focus on for what you guys are here ! Now confused on how to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV / HDTV ? Don’t worry my friends here we guys are to help you guys . There are two ways to connect Galaxy S4 to TV one is using wired connection and other is using wireless and watch movies , tv shows and play games on HDTV. If you guys love to watch more movies and tv shows then just got subscribe for Amazon Prime because it contains more that 40,000 movies and tv shows collection, so be quick and get Amazon Prime 30 days free trial.  Now here we provide both procedure with step by step guide .

Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV

Connect Galaxy S4 to TV using wired connection

Connect s4 to HDTV : 

- First you must to have MHL 2.0 HDTV Smart Adapter by Samsung or Cable Matters MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter cheap replica. Take a note that all MHL adapted not going to work for all Samsung devices , newer devices available market have 11 pin adapter so choose it wisely .

– Connect adapter one side to phone and other side to power source .

– After doing that connect adapter to your TV HDMI port using standard HDMI cable .

And it’s done ! Watch movies and videos from Netflix , Youtube , Hulu and anything stored on your phone .

Connect Galaxy S4 to Analog TV : 

Now if you do have Analog TV then need to buy HDMI to composite adapter which allows compatibility between your Galaxy S4 and Television .

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV wireless ?

Now if you want to connect phone to tv without wires then follow steps given below :

Samsung Smart TV – Get Samsung Allshare Hub and connect it with your TV HDMI port using HDMI cable and if do you have Samsung Smart TV then no need to purchase Allshare Hub . And ensure that your phone and Hub or TV are connected to same wireless network .

– Now Open Settings > Connections > Screen Mirroring Option 

And you have done it ! It’s all about to connect your brand news S4 with TV . If you do have any query regarding this process or want to ask any questions give a comment in box avail below and get response from our side .

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV : Own Samsung Galaxy S3 and love to watch movies on it? Well, the incredible display quality of this esteemed smartphone by Samsung makes it a good portable movie player. Anyways, do you know that you can connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, it is actually possible. You can mirror the movie , tv shows and games being played on S3 to its big display of your TV? Are you interested in doing so? If yes, then just follow the below mentioned steps to learn about how to connect S3 To TV.

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Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to tv, Samsung Galaxy S3 to tv

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV

Connect to HDTV : Method 1 

    • To start with the process, you need to have Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter. Well, don’t try to play any cheap trick here. Just buy the Samsung branded HDMI Adapter since the USB configuration has been changed by company in Galaxy S3. So, any other adapter may not work.
    • After having the Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter in your hands, all you need to do is to plug it into the USB port of your Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • The next thing that you need to do is to use a standard HDMI cable, and connect it between the adapter and TV set.
  • It’s time to use the Power Cable. Yeah, the same that you got with your Samsung Galaxy S3. Connect this cable to the adapter and then plug it to any power source. Since this step is little complex, it is advised to perform it wisely. The mistake could lead to the failure of whole process.
  • So, the setup is all done. You are done with connecting the wires to the correct places (I hope so!). What next? Nothing!! The TV screen will display the content that is being getting displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Along with the display, audio from your Galaxy S3 will also be pushed to the speakers that are connected with your TV (mostly in-built).

Connect Galaxy S3 To HDTV

Method 2 : 

There is another cheaper alternative to using which you guys can connect your phone to tv. I haven’t tried but come to know that many get success with this way. The way is connect mobile to tv using Micro USB to HDMI MHL HDTV Cable . You may get other brands cable to but my suggestion is not to go with those other brands cable such as Skiva MHL, Patuoxun Aluminum MHL and etc.

Connect to Analog TV : 

Now if you do have old Analog TV and want to hook up your s3 to tv then you need is above mentioned HDMI Adapter and standard HDMI cable but along with it you guys also need is one HDMI to Composite / AV Converter.

After having those you guys just need to connect all of it as shown in Image and HDMI out to be connected with HDMI to composite / AV converter then just connect your AV Cable from converter out to Analog TV.

How to connect Galaxy S3 to tv wireless

If you are not likes too much wires and want a way to connect it wireless then buy Samsung Allshare HUB and connect it to with HDTV using HDMI cable.

Samsung Smart TVIf you HDTV is Samsung Smart TV then no any requirement of Allshare HUB all things are inbuilt.

That’s it. You have successfully learned about connecting samsung galaxy s3 to tv. Simple process, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate to ask us help in this aspect.

How to connect iPod touch to TV ?

Own an iPod touch on which you guys are listing music , watching videos, tv shows, movies and play games.  But don’t you think for watching videos iPod touch screen seems too small and looking for solution to do all things mentioned above on big screen. Then you are at right place here you will have whole step by step procedure to mirror your iPod touch to HDTV, Analog TV and Projectors. And you are movie and tv shows lover then here is big deal on Amazon just sign up for Amazon Prime to get access to 40000 movies and tv show for 30 days, so hurry and get Amazon Prime 30 days free trial

Connect iPod Touch TV

 How to Connect iPod Touch to Apple TV

If you own Apple TV, then just forget all methods. AirPlay is the best choice for you to connect iPod Touch to TV. To use this, you need to connect your iPod touch to the same WiFi, to which your Apple TV is connected. After doing so, you just need to press AirPlay button after selecting the video that you wish to get mirrored on TV. From the options that appear, select ‘Apple TV’ and content on your iPod Touch will start getting mirrored on TV.

Connect iPod Touch to tv using HDMI Adapter

If you have got iPod Touch fourth generation, then you are advised to use Apple Digital TV adapter for the maximum quality in mirroring the iPod Touch content on TV. One drawback here is that you can mirror only video-enabled apps such as Netflix, YouTube etc., music and photos on your TV.

Component Cable for connecting iPod Touch to TV

The component cable is compatible with all version of iPod touch. It does not do the mirroring on its own, but only routs video-enabled apps music and photos to your TV. It’s available to buy on Amazon .

Connect iPod touch to Analog TV

Composite cable is yet another good way to mirror your iPod Touch to TV. The best part about the composite cable is that it is compatible with all the Apple devices. So you don’t need to lighten your pocket to use with each Apple product separately. If you are one of those who own old TV, then this is the one and only choice for you to connect iPod Touch to TV. Note that like the component cable, it also does not mirror the screen, but only routs the video-enabled apps, music and photos.

So, it was the list of best ways to hook iPod Touch to TV. Do let us know via comment if you need any further assistance in this aspect.

How to Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV

Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV : The tablets industry is growing rapidly as the time is passing. From all the tablets, those with the 7-inch screen are very popular. The analysts predict the future to be of tablets. Whatever is; when we talk about the 7-inch tablets, Kindle Fire HD is one glowing name there. This amazing tablet comes from the house of online shopping giant Amazon. The manufacturer started the innings in tablets industry with the Kindle Fire. The tablet got good feedback from the users, and is actually a very good device, but the only and probably the biggest drawback is that it does not support the connection to a TV. If you have Kindle Fire with you, and want to connect it to TV for watching movies , tv shows and playing games , then let me tell you that you are just wasting your time, as it is not possible to do so.

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Connect Kindle Fire HD to TV

Anyways, the successor to Kindle Fire the Kindle Fire HD supports the connection to TV. Amazon has blessed the Kindle Fire HD with HDMI port by using which, the users can mirror the screen to TV. If you have been searching the waves of web to get the guide about how to connect Kindle Fire HD to PC, then your search is over here, as I am listing the way to do so.

How to Connect Amazon Kindle Fire HD to TV

HDMI Cable for Kindle Fire HD

  • Once you have it, just connect it between the HDMI port on your TV and your Kindle Fire HD.

Kindle Fire Micro HDMI Port TV HDMI Port

    • That’s it. You can now enjoy the content getting displayed on your Kindle Fire HD, on your TV’s screen.

  • One thing here is to be noted that the aforementioned cable works with high-definition TV sets only. If you have got an older analog TV set, then in addition to that cable, you also need a box which can convert the digital signal to analog signal. You can buy such box for $33.65 from Amazon. Having both these equipment, you can mirror the Kindle Fire HD to your old TV set.

That’s it. You have successfully learned about how to connect Kindle Fire HD to TV. Implement the method right away and watch latest movies and tv shows on big screens for free.

How to connect PSP to TV

Are you one out of those many who are proud owners of Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)? If yes is your call, then let me know your views about connecting your PSP to TV? Would you like to do that? The answer expected for most out of you is ‘Yes’. You can easily connect PSP to TV, and then can enjoy that everything on the big screen of your PC, that you enjoy on your PSP. Even you guys can watch all TV Shows and movies from Amazon Prime. Amazon offering Amazon Prime for free 30 days trial, so click subscribe for it today itself. Now all you need to do is to follow this step-by-step guide on how to connect PSP to TV.

Connect PSP to TV, how to connect psp to tv

Steps to Connect PSP to TV

– First of all, determine the version of your PSP. For this, you need to look at  seven digits of the model number. This model number lies at the bottom of your PSP. PSP-1001, PSP-2001, PSP-3001 and PSPgo are four versions of the PSP. Those out of you who own PSPgo, should not worry about the version.

– The next step you need to do is to get the correct AV cables for your PSP’s version. Total of four type of AV cables- two are component AV cables and rest two are composite AV cables- are available. Each of these four types support gaming. But note that two component AV cables can perform this task only on progressive scan TVs and SCPH-98548 composite AV cable will let you enjoy the gaming only when connected to PSP-3001.

– So, got the right AV cable to connect PSP to TV? Now connect this cable to Multi-Use port or the Video Out. This port lies at the bottom of the PSP.

– Connect the AV cable to the TV. Make sure that any particular end of AV cable that you connect with the particular AV port of TV, are of same colors.

– First turn on TV, and then your PSP. Keep the Display button on your PSP, pressed for about 5 seconds. The display of PSP will get mirrored on TV screen.

That’s all! You are successfully done with the process to connect PSP to TV. Enjoy the new experience.

How to connect laptop to tv

Ever felt the need to connecting your laptop to TV, and wondered whether it is possible or not? Sure this is possible. In fact, you can connect laptop to TV by not only one or two ways, but many. From those many ways you need to choose right cable to connect it in right way, so check out all connection which you guys will find , with highest to lower picture quality. Let me know it doesn’t matter which company laptop you have, you just need is right cable which helps you to connect your laptop to your TV.

Connect laptop to tv, how to Connect laptop to tv

Select cable to connect your laptop to TV

HDMI : If you are looking for top-notch quality in mirroring your laptop on TV, then this is the cable that you required which is available to shop on Amazon store at affordable price rate. If your laptop does not have HDMI port, then this method will not work. Don’t panic! You can use DVI to HDMI cable to make this method work for you.

Mini Display port to HDMI Adapter : Some of laptop company provided mini display port, so for those type of laptop you guys need is Mini Display to HDMI Adapter along with HDMI Cable . Then just plug HDMI cable one end to Adapter and another at HDTV. And it’s done you will get 1080p resolution. Firstly it’s required for Apple laptops but as time goes may other laptops company included in various new PC laptops.

DVI : DVI or Digital Visual Interface gives far better quality than S-Video and VGA . DVI connection is required on your laptop and your TV must be HDTV because standard-definition TV won’t support DVI connection. And to do same you required is DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable or DVI male to male cable if your HDTV do have DVI port .

One more thing for sound you need is separate audio cable and then connect it to headphone output to red and white input of your TV.

VGA : Those out of you who own HDTV should proceed with this method to enjoy better quality S-Video. Regular TVs do not come with VGA Port. So, this method is limited to people who own HDTV. To make it work you guys need to buy is VGA Cable. Same as DVI this method also not carry sound signal, so if you want sound then get audio cable and connect it to headphone output to red and white input of TV.

S-Video : The reason why I am listing here at first is that S-Video port is available on almost every TV and laptop. All you need to do is to use S-Video cable to connect your laptop to TV. Same as DVI and VGA for sound Audio cable is required.

This method is not for HD video signals , so want to watch HD signals then must go for HDMI or DVI cables methodology listed above.

Now you have done whole procedure and after doing it you guys can watch everything on your TV such as movies , TV Shows , play games and do many more things. Let me inform you guys that Amazon now a days offering Amazon Prime 30 days trial for free , so subscribe now to have more then 40,000 movies and TV Shows.

So it was how you can connect laptop to TV. Choose the way that suits you the most. Well, I don’t think there is anything that could put you into the clouds of complexity. Still, if you need any assistance in connecting laptop to TV, then use the comment box below.

How to Connect iPad Air to TV

Apple iPad Air the new tablet device released by Apple. Many Apple lovers got it on first day after standing in long queue for whole night and day. Many of Apple lovers still not have new iPad Air and want to buy then visit Amazon store for cheap price.

iPad Air, Apple iPad Air, iPad Air Photos , iPad Air Pictures , iPad Air Images , iPad Air Pics

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After having your iPad Air at home now like to hook it with your TV, PC and Projector to watch movies, tv shows , play games and many more on HD screen. Now a days Amazon giving Amazon Prime 30 days free trial which contains more that 40,000 movies and TV shows. Then take a look at step by step guide to connect it with TV, Computer and Projector wireless or wired.

Connect iPad Air to TV / Computer / Projector

To do the same you need to purchase some of cables and devices from Amazon or Apple store because without it there is no possibilities to connect it.

If you want to connect device with HDTV then you need is :

After having those two things just connect iPad Air to AV Adapter using lightning port and then connect adapter and HDTV using HDMI Cable. And then turn your TV on and switch on HDMI input option.

Now if you would like to connect iPad Air to Analog TV, PC or Projector then buy required cable and component avail below and follow simple steps :

After you have this adapter just connect PC, Projector or Analog TV using VGA Cable . After doing so plug in lightning port to your iPad Air and it’s done. Here is full video tutorial which helps you to understand .

How to connect iPad Air to Apple TV Wireless

If you are looking for some wireless way to connect device then you must to have Apple TV . So if you do have Apple TV then it’s well and good but not have it then buy it using link avail above for cheap price. Once you have it then connect use Airplay feature to connect your iPad Air to TV.

Now it’s done you hooked up your device to tv now enjoy videos, games and many more on HD screen. And if not get success then just give a comment in below box I will respond you surely with solution .

Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to TV

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is device between Samsung Galaxy phones and tablet. Many bought it and some are thinking to buy it. If you are one of them who want to buy Note 8 then visit amazon store by clicking on link to buy it at cheap rate. Anyways let me come to the point, after buying it you might be thinking that how to to connect device to tv. Take a look at below steps along with video which helps you to do the same.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pictures, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 photos, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 images

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to TV

To do it you must to have some components which are mentioned below :

Connect to HDTV : 

Now you have these all required cables and instruments then follow steps given below :

  1. First of all connect 5 to 11 pin MHL adapter to your Note 8 .
  2. Now connect 11 Pin connector of MHL EPL 3FHU Adapter to 11 Pin adapter.
  3. After doing that now connect your power cable with 3FHU adapter micro usb pin.
  4. And final step is to connect adapter and tv using standard hdmi cable.

Connect to Analog TV : 

And it’s done your device get connected to HD TV . Now if you want to connect it to your Analog tv then you need to buy HDMI composite adapter . In this steps one single step is new and remaining are same as used in this post of connect galaxy s3 to tv , so check out video tutorial.


Connect HDTV cheap method : 

There is other method which not used by me so I can’t say about trustworthiness, but let me know you that it’s very cheap. For it you need 5 to 11 pin MHL adapter along with HDMI MHL HDTV Cable .

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to TV wireless ?

If you are get tired of wires in your room and want solution for those wires then you must to use this way. For this way you must to purchase Samsung Allshare Hub and it’s done . Now connect that HUB to your TV using HDMI cable.

Samsung Smart TVAnd if you do have Samsung Smart TV then again process seems to simple and even no need to purchase that Allshare hub to.

After you connect your phone with your TV you guys can enjoy TV Shows , Movies and play games on huge screen. And if you subscribe for Amazon Prime then you will have more then 40,000 movies and TV Shows , let me know that it’s available for Amazon Prime free 30 days trial .

How to Connect Macbook Air to TV

MacBook Air is one of the best products by Apple if you don’t have it and looking for purchase it then take a look at Amazon Store for best and cheap rate. There are many reasons for which one can fall in love with this esteemed device. If you have already fallen in love with it due to one reason or more, then you might be its proud owner, right? If this is so, then this post is meant for you, as I am sharing here the way to connect MacBook Air to TV.

Connect Macbook Air to TV, How to Connect Macbook Air to TV

Connect Macbook Air to TV

    • The MacBook Air does not come with an HDMI port. But don’t panic! A simple and cheap solution is there. The solution is HDTV with an HDMI port.

    • Apart from that, you also need to buy Thunderbolt to HDMI video adapter with audio support and HDMI Cable.
    • Bought all the necessary equipment ? Let’s start with the process then.
    • Find the HDMI Port on Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. Connect one end of HDMI Cable to it.
    • Connect the Thunderbolt end of Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to Thunderbolt port of your MacBook Air.
    • Find the HDMI Port on your TV, and connect other end of HDMI Cable to it.
    • All setup is done. Now turn on your TV. Switch the input to the HDMI port. Yeah, the one to which MacBook Air is connected. Done? If everything is done correctly, then you will be able to see the content displayed on your MacBook Pro, on your TV’s screen.

  • Those out of you who own an Apple TV, can mirror their MacBook Air by using AirPlay. Note that you may observe little bit lag between the content running on two displays (your MacBook Pro and Apple TV).

If you follow process then you have connected your Air to HDTV. Now enjoy latest movies , tv shows and play latest games on big screen. Even you can subscribe for Amazon Prime 30 days free trial and get more then 40,000 movies and tv shows collection.

So what are you waiting for? I hope that you now know that how to connect MacBook Air to TV. Just implement the process.

How to Connect Macbook Pro to TV

Got the esteemed MacBook Pro in your hands, and are completely in love with it? This is not any point of surprise, as the features of MacBook Pro damn good that any person using it will join its fan base immediately. Do you that you can connect your MacBook Pro to TV? Yeah, this is possible. You can easily mirror the MacBook Pro display on a big screen. Are you curious to know about how to do it? Follow these steps to connect MacBook Pro to TV. Connect Macbook Pro to TV , How to Connect Macbook Pro to TV

Connect Macbook Pro to TV

    • Well, you will have to lighten your pocket to get started with the process. Buy Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adaptor MB572Z/B from Amazone and Apple Store. It will cost you $17.99 at Amazone Store and $21 at Apple Store .
    • Of course, if you own HDMI TV, then you are required to buy Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter. Since, the HDMI is new standard, so the chances are quite high that you own HDMI TV.

  • In case you are using the VGA Adaptor, then you will have to convert VGA to TV Video. This can be done by using PC to Video EZ converter. You can buy it from here.
  • Enough shopping!! Now look at the left side of your MacBook Pro. You will see Mini Display Port. It lies next to ExpressCard slot. Attach the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI  or Mini DisplayPort to VGA to this port.
  • Those who are using the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI , simply move to the very last step. Those who are using Mini DisplayPort to VGA, go through all the below given steps.
  • Connect one end of the cable that you got with PC to Video EZ converter, with the Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter. Connect other end to VGA IN port that lies on the PC to Video EZ converter.
  • Connect one end of the composite video cable that you got PC to Video EZ converter, to the Video Out port on the PC to Video EZ converter. Connect other end to corresponding port on your TV.
  • Connect USB power cable to MacBook Pro and other end to PC to the Video EZ converter.
  • Turn on your TV. Press the A/V button. Turn on your MacBook Pro. Its display will mirror on your TV.

That’s all! This is how one can connect MacBook Pro to TV. Enjoy the videos, movies , TV Shows and play games on big screen. Let me introduce Amazon Prime free 30 days trial on which you guys will get more then 40,000 movies and tv shows collection .